Sci-Fi Quiz: Think you know languages? Let’s see!

Do you think you know the difference between Klingon, Elvish and Dothraki? How well do you know your Sci-fi languages? Here's 20 questions to test the best. A score of 16 or more and you rule the universe!


How well do you know your Sci-Fi languages?

Think you know the difference between Dothraki and Klingon? Here’s 20 killer questions to test you out. Score 16 to be a language Rockstar.

Here at STAR we love all things language. We love how we communicate both at work and play. We don’t speak all the languages in this quiz, but we do translate professional documents into over 70 languages. Download our ebook on how to buy translation services to learn more about how we can help your business.

So where do all these languages come from?

On TV shows and Movies the people who create languages are called Conlangers. It is short for constructed language. Most of the time it is the author themselves that creates the language but in recent times people have actually been hired to create languages for movies.

Language creation has existed for centuries and their creators are called conlangers. Paku was the first language created for “Land of the lost”, by UCLA Linguist, Victoria Fromkin. According to the Dothraki’s creator, it is a hard job and you need focus to create a sentence while maintaining the correct vocabulary and grammar. The grammar structures are one the hardest challenges to design when creating a language.

How many languages do you know?