Smartphones change Irish way of life, finds survey

A recent survey reveals that smartphones are having a real impact on the Irish way of life. The use of basic mobile phones have already changed Irish daily behavior and, as a result, their convenience and mobility enables all of us to use them virtually anywhere we go. Some figures show that:

  • 49% of the Irish population owns a smartphone
  • An increase of 71% by the end of 2012
  • 95% of the users use their smartphone at home whereas 26% use it at school
  • 25% are not addicted to smartphones since 75% can’t leave the house without it
  • 67% think that smartphones are good to pass the time away while waiting. I may be part of the 33% that prefer Sudoku or magazines for they are much cheaper
  • 50% think smartphones make them more modern looking and feel that they should have Internet access on their phones. Does it mean that the remaining 50% should consider themselves out-dated?
  • 77% use their smartphone to take photographs. Are professional photographers becoming an endangered species right now?

Irish smartphone users are multitasking: indeed, they use it while listening to music, watching TV or browsing on the Internet. They mainly use it to communicate (83%), to stay informed (61%) or for entertainment (89%) purposes. Obviously, networking is one of the most popular activities since 86% of users update and visit their social networks on their phones. Regarding apps, people have about 29 of them installed on their smartphones with about 9 paid apps installed. 43% will use more apps in the future. Are you using any Irish apps on your mobile devices?