Ok mark

What’s the difference between OK and Okay?

The informal word OK, a short term, used by everyone but rarely discussed. We’ve all seen it written as an abbreviation (OK) and in a lengthened form as okay. Although which one is correct?

Technically they are both acceptable to use. Okay is just a longer way of spelling it; it makes it looks more appealing in stylistic writing.

For Example, if you were writing an essay or a formal letter, it would be better to use write okay, but if you are just sending a text message then OK is more common. Both uses are informal and we recommend using other words that are more descriptive.

Younger people tend to use OK, or have started to adopt the plain and simple K in their messages.

Strangely enough, no matter where in the world you are situated, people spell it differently depending on their own personal style of writing.