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English Superhero’s Spelling Quiz

Think you're good at English spelling? Take this quiz and find out.
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Improve Google rank by deleting web pages

Old outdated content damages Google ranking.Deleting old, bad or unranked pages will improve your website. If you have old content that's isn't great - it's no value to your visitors. Google likes good, useful content so can penalise for bad content.

Lost in translation: Welsh sign translation error

A Welsh sign translation error was the ultimate faux pas for a council in Swansea. The translation was for a residential area prohibiting heavy vehicles.
irish Shamrock

Seanfhocail: Wise Old Irish Sayings

Wise, Old Irish SayingsWe've compiled a list of popular old Irish sayings to help you learn more Irish.

Calculator Spelling in Different Languages

Calculator Spelling: How to spell words with a calculator. French, Spanish and English. Yes we can translate words on calculators too.

The World’s Smallest Book On English

The World's Smallest Book On English - This should give you some good excuses to spice up your next conversation.
Can you see a mistake in this sentence?

Proofreading Test

Here's a little proofreading test for you. Can you spot the mistake here? Lets's see how good you are.
Gandalf - Wizard

Quiz: Are you a Movie and Book Language Rockstar?

How well do you know your Sci-Fi languages?Think you know the difference between Dothraki and Klingon? Here's 20 killer questions to test you out. Score 16 to be a language Rockstar.

What is the difference between ghost and ghoul?

Do you know the difference between ghost and ghoul?A ghost, or spectre or phantom, is an apparition of a dead spirit or a soul.

What’s the difference between crocodile and alligator?

A crocodile is the name we use to talk about a family of crocodilians such as the Nile crocodile, Caiman etc.What is the difference...?