The lobby at our Dublin office was kitted out with the usual spooky paraphernalia. The staff from our production team did a great job on it; it really added to the atmosphere of it all. All the staff got together for a celebratory lunch, Halloween-style. Not all the staff were brave enough to don costumes, but the ones who did certainly made an impact. We chatted and relaxed while we waited for the pizzas to arrive.

STAR Halloween Party 2014

Our special guests that afternoon were Batman, Dracula, a witch, Bananaman, a Victorian gentleman (with a Bowler hat) and Bat Girl!

Our Managing Directors in full costume

Our Managing Directors in Full Costume

Staff Fancy Dress, STAR Halloween Party

Staff Fancy Dress

Batman meets Bananaman, STAR Halloween Party

Batman meets Bananaman: Damian and Eoin respectively

Our Project Managers, STAR Halloween Party

Our Project Managers: Fabienne and Lucie

Power Ranger

A Power Ranger on the loose!

The Red Ranger from the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers made a cameo appearance.