Moonwalker: The Making of a Video Game

Moonwalker video game screenshot

Moonwalker Video Game Screenshot

Moonwalker Video Game 1988

What was it like working for Michael Jackson?

Damian Scattergood, our managing director, actually wrote the video game back in 1988. The game was based on Michael Jackson’s anthology film of the same name. A dance technique: Moonwalker was one of Jackson’s trademark moves. The name was actually dubbed by the media and not Jackson himself.

Watch the Interview with Retro Game Geeks

Watch Damian’s recent interview with Retrogames about his work on Michael Jackson video game.

“A game like no other”, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker video game was a success.

A full transcript of the interview is available to read on

Moonwalker video game 1988

Moonwalker Video Game, 1988

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  1. Retro Games
    Retro Games says:

    That was an interesting little read up. Loved the game back in the day so awesome and addictive gameplay. I was a big fan of Michael Jackson back then, miss those days of old classic gaming. good times!

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