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Staff Interview : Life in Translation

Project manager illustration

“What is it like working in the translation industry?”
We interviewed one of our senior project managers to get their opinion on serious and fun side of the translation business.

As a foreign language speaker who studied translation it’s probably pretty easy job isn’t it?

I. Good Translation Isn’t Easy

In the world of translation, we come across many problems that customers don’t always understand. To translate a document professionally isn’t that simple, even if you speak different languages perfectly because you have to respect many rules related to the language and it’s characteristics.

For example the writing direction is reversed in Saudi Arabia; In this case you have to read and write from right to left.

In addition to that, expressions and messages don’t always have the same meaning in different countries. Your role as a translator is to understand the “meaning” and the “purpose” of an advert or document in order to avoid any mistakes or misunderstanding (even in small detail) which can degrade a customer’s reputation or brand in the target country they are selling to.

Although professional human translation can take a lot of time, it’s the best way to get good results. You need to deliver a document or advert with has good form, quality, a clear message, and which is adapted to the customer’s target market.

If you want to stay professional and to reach your target markets, make sure to use a trusted translator, as they have a direct impact on your sales results and the way your company is seen and develops. Think about it.

“What are the benefits of using professional translators?”

II. Translation benefits

Now this isn’t a secret, good translation allows you to grow internationally. If you want to increase your sales internationally, you need a good brand image in the different countries where you want to be implanted, and this is what good translation offers. If your website, advertising, catalogue, brochure, etc… are adapted in different languages, it will improve your brand awareness and that’s a great starting point to finding new customers.

A professional translator will know how to adapt your marketing to your target market because they know a lot about the country and the population in which they have specialized. They can tailor your message if required and bring knowledge about culture, grammar rules, tradition or the fonts and language characteristics for writing. It’s really important to know the culture / rules of others countries and adapt your messaging and style to your customers. A human translator understands this and will serves as a perfect medium between your company and your foreign customers.

In fact, cultural difference isn’t just about the technical details for a translator because making cultural mistakes is a good way to damage a brand image and reputation in foreign countries. You need to remember we don’t have same practices around the World.

For example lets look at the Irish compared to the French. They don’t have the same purchasing of consumption habits. Irish people prefer to consume local products like Milk for example. Other countries do not share the same love of milk, so, you cannot broadcast the same message in different countries. Ask any European if they would like milk in their tea and you can get a funny expression. In Belguim they put mayonaisse on chips, but in UK and Ireland its tomato sauce. The UK might even add mushy peas.

We can also take the example of colors and their meaning: Red means Danger and Caution (with blood) in Middle East while it means Luck, long life and happiness in Asian cultures. Recognising these problems is the benefit of using a professional human translator compared to translation with an App or Google Translate

If you’re tuned into your target country and using professional translators; following their advice will help increase your global sales.

“Ok so tell us something funny about translation?”

III. Funny Translation Fact

The Translation Industry has many funny stories about mistakes customers have made because they wanted to complete quick and cheap translation or had used system like Google Translate in the wrong context.

Our Senior Project Manager, Ricardo, remembers the “Egg Poacher” from a well-known supermarket here in Ireland, translated as “Bracconier d’oeuf” in French and “Cazador furtivo de huevos” in Spanish (in both examples they used the wrong definition of Poacher. Poacher is translated as a hunter rather than a device to poach eggs). Oops!.

But you can also have Great English and just forget a few simple grammar rules as a few Newspaper editors have done in the past, making mistakes they won’t forget. In fact, editors often forget hyphens which have confused the readers of the newspapers because its misuse changes the meaning of the title. A good example is the headline:

“Two hundred odd members of the university marched in protest.”

What do they mean by this? Where all of them odd people? How? Were they wearing funny outfits?

What they really meant to say was there were approximately two hundred of them.

“Two hundred-odd members of the university marched in protest.”

The hyphen completely changes the meaning.

Even though it’s a little grammar mistake (which is really funny), it reminds us of the importance to proofread your sentences and the usefulness of a human translator who, if they are really involved in their work, will be careful with these details.

“Thanks Ricardo”

We hope that this article helps you discover a little more about our work, and the fun of the Translator’s World.


The STAR Team,


Meaning of Color around the World


Nowadays if you’re doing business at international level you are very tuned in to considering culture in your product design. What works in one culture may not work in another so you need to be aware of these.

However an often overlooked part of culture is “Color”.  Colors does not escape the rules of localization and cultural adaptation. Depending on where you are from, color can signify many different things. In this article give you a handy list of regions, colors, and their meanings to help you with your design work.

Western Cultures (US and Western Europe):

Warmth of the sun (summer colour), can indicate hospitality. In France and Germany, it can mean envy.
Fall, warmth, harvest, affordability. In Netherlands is associated with royalty. For branding it’s more kid-friendly and appeals to impulse buyers. Indicates curiosity and creativity too.
Love, Danger, Action.
Femininity, love, romance, tenderness.
Practicality, Comfort and Stability.
Often connotes jealousy. In Ireland, its stands for luck, coming from the shamrock. Can also mean progress and environmental awareness, greed, spring, money and freshness.
Trust and authority. Associated with tranquillity and also sadness (“Having the blues”). Masculinity.
Royalty, spirituality, wealth and fame. In some parts of Europe, associated with death.
Can indicates sophistication and formality. Indicates death, mourning, intimidation and funerals.
Purity, innocence, goodness and peace. White is used for funerals in Italy.



Eastern/Asian Cultures:

Positive asociations. In Japan, royal colour that represent courage and prosperity. China means pornography. Lucky colour for Monday in Thailand.
Sacred colour in India means love, spirituality (Strong Hindu/Budhist presence). In Japan/China means courage, happiness, prosperity and good health.
Luck, Long Life, happiness, prosperity, vitality (In India, most powerful colour = purity, wealth, fertility, love, beauty, power).
Femininity, love, romance, tenderness. In Japan, relates more men than women. In Korea, symbolizes trust.
Mourning in Indian. Earth, Industrious for the rest.
Nature, fertility, hope, life and youth. In China means infidelity.
Immortality, feminine, healing and relaxation. In India, connotes sport and strength.
Wealth, privilege, royalty and spirituality. Nobility, comfort and sorrow in India. Symbol of mourning in Thailand.
China, colours for young boys and it’s also connote good health, stability and prosperity. In Japan, means mystery and feminine energy. In India, evil, rebellion, darkness, negativity or death.
Indicates death and mourning as well as unhappiness and misfortune.


Middle East:

In Egypt means mourning. But generally in the rest it’s more positive as happiness and prosperity.
Mourning and loss.
Danger, caution and evil.
Harmony, Earth and comfort.
Fertility, strength and good fortune. Color of Islam.
Safety, heaven and spirituality. Also means mourning.
Wealth, virtue and royalty.
Evil, mystery and mourning. Can also indicate rebirth.
Purity and mourning.


Latin America:

Sun and Earth.
It’s symbolic to architecture.
National color of Mexico that means patriotic. But also means death in some Latin and South American countries.
Can indicate mourning in Mexico.
In Brazil, indicates mourning or death.
Masculinity and also used for mourning.



Wealth and status.
Sacrifice and mourning.
Royalty and Wealth.
Maturity and masculinity in general.
Peace, purity, goodness and good luck. In Ethiopia, indicate illness.
And you, do you know another meaning of these colors all around the world? Leave a comment below and give us your feeling about these different culture.


The STAR Team

Sources and other useful design sites for you.







What word looks the same upside down and backwards?



Answer: SWIMS (Follow this link if you want to try some other word games).


Leave a comment or share your own riddle with us.


The STAR Team


What do the following words have in common: Racecar, Civic, Eye, Level? 



They are all palindromes! They can be read the same backward and forward.


Leave a comment or share your own riddle with us.


The STAR Team


Corporate Machine Translation – STAR MT

STAR’s latest MT Engine helps you deliver more content faster, economically and with higher quality than standard machine translation.

Your style, your wording, your translation

Your company’s communication style and terminology should remain consistent, even in translation. That’s why STAR MT is trained exclusively using text, translations and terminology from within your company. With STAR MT, we keep your text protected by keeping it as a dedicated engine to you.

Business Benefits

  • Increased presence in new markets with quick, cheaper translations.
  • Shorter deadlines through faster turnaround.
  • Affordable translation.
  • You can understand foreign-language content immediately with rough translation (gisting).
  • Maintain your own style and wording in all relevant languages.
  • Benefit from the exisiting translations, linguistic competence of your language experts worldwide.

STAR MT helps deliver solid machine translation results for your business.

Call us to discuss how it can help you today.

Foreign languages translation, online translator

Buying Translation Services

Foreign languages translation, online translatorBuying translation can be a challenging task. With so many translation agencies to choose from, how do you decide which one is best for you?

The translation industry has its own terminology and companies use various different methods and processes to deliver translation. How can you tell which process is right for you?

As a professional translation company we are often asked about our services and how things work. The more you know about the business the easier it is to make decisions on who to choose and why.

To help your business we’ve compiled the answers to the most common questions we are asked about translation in this E-book. We’ve also included a handy checklist for you to compare agencies. Hopefully our experience will help you decide on the best process and vendor for your business. Download a free copy today to see how you can make the most out of translation for you and your business.

Buyers Guide to Translation

Buyers Guide to Translation


Translation Memory System – Introduction.

Transit NXT is STAR’s translation memory system for professional translators. Crammed with features and benefits for you – it can make you more productive and profitable with its state of the art translation editor and tools. This 38 minute video shows how Transit can help you create a project, built and use dictonaries and check your translation quality.

Transit NXT – Translation Technology for Translators Introduction from Damian Scattergood on Vimeo.

Translation technology helps real human translators create consistent accurate content. Using translation memory and terminology management systems means you only ever have to translate content once. This ensures that you get the most from your translation budgets. STAR has been developing translation technology for over 25 years, so your linguistic assets are in safe hands.

Transit is used by Professional Translators and Language Services Providers. It can be usef standalone or within the context of a global information management system. You can edit a number of native file formats including Adobe Indesign and the Microsoft Offie Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Transit can also edit and translate software file formats such as XML, HTML, CSV, JSP and many more. This demo shows how you can create projects, translate and proofread them all in the same single sourced environment.

Are you interested in using the STAR Transit NXT system for your translation projects or translation department?

World Map

How many websites are there in the world?

World Map

As a global company we’re always seeking to understand our customers and their markets.
We recently had a discussion around – how many websites are there in the world?

After some research the data is readily available from Verisign who keep a record of such data.

As of 6 April 2017 there are

  • 128,307,680 .COM Addresses
  • 15,198,768 .NET Addresses
  • 143,506,448 Total internet URL’s registered.

Check out the live data here:

Middle East Translation - Free Whitepaper

New Meeting Room in STAR Dublin

Thanks to Mark and all the team in IKEA, Ballymun for helping us get our new meeting room setup and ready to go. It was a pleasure doing business with you all. Thanks for the advice and speedy delivery. We’re all delighted with the results. We meet here every morning now for our daily huddles to set the work for the day in motion.


Damian and the team in STAR Dublin.

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Export Documentation Translation

Brexit: Export implications and sales ideas

Brexit: export implications

Brexit – can we predict the future?

Brexit and your business

The shocking news of Britain’s vote to leave the EU has far reaching impacts on companies around the globe. Just how will it impact your business?

The immediate impact for companies operating in the Eurozone is one of currency exchange rates changing. Today we’re more expensive than yesterday so will we lose business?

At STAR Translation, we’ve already seen customer buying patterns change both negatively and positively. However, the exchange rate impact is only one of many possible impacts to your business.

Impacts to consider

  • Sterling movements
  • Regulatory changes
  • Customs and trade
  • Supply chains and routes to market
  • Possible changes to your business model
  • Free movement of people
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Taxation changes

If you are in export sales, production management or documentation management this will impact your international sales and your translation process and costs.

Actions to consider around Translation and Sales

  • New Export Markets: Translate Your Website
    What new export markets could you export into?
    If you’re looking for a fast way to enter a new market – you could simply translate your website and start selling in a new country.Not ready for a full translation? Try a Microsite: A quick way to test the water is to create a microsite in a new language. Rather than translate your entire site you can pick the most popular pages and translate them. This new website can then be promoted and you can see what traction you are getting in that market. If you have customers coming in then translate the remainder of your website. You can manage the budget and track the expansion.
  • Use a One Stop Shop: Cost Reductions
    Now might be the time to start looking at a new translation agency who can provide a one-stop shop for all your work. Review your translation agency and process.The larger agencies like STAR provide translation, desktop publishing and layout work, and Web Translation all under one roof. We also employ technical teams that can analyse how best to share your content across your departments to reduce your overall translation spend.  Often if you can control how you author your contents better – this can have a dramatic impact on your costs. Get advise in this area.Can you change how you write and produce content to optimize your costs?
  • Video Translation
    Speaking of costs, they say a picture speaks a thousand words. Rather than have a complex manual for your product – have you consider translating your videos? The setup costs can be high, but it’s a great way to sell products. Video subtitling is relatively cheap. A professional voice-over might be a way to boost sales with content you already have in house. What content could you take, translate and open up new markets with quickly?
  • Google Ads
    If you are targeting new regions, plan for Google Ad Translation as well. Putting a budget into Google Ads, translated and targeted at new regions around the globe could kick start your new export market. Multilingual SEO is important to break new ground quickly and cost effectively.
  • Enterprise Ireland Support
    If you are in Ireland, now is the time to start talking to your Enterprise Ireland team.
    They are putting in place plans to support exporters around Brexit. View their FAQ and Brexit page.EI state that over the next two years there will be a level of uncertainty in the marketplace, so you should put in place a medium term strategy to manage your business during this time.

Business Impacts Infographic

Here’s what PWC say about Brexit and the impact on exporters – download the infographic.

They have a dedicated page to Brexit.


The STAR Team