Introduction to STAR Translation

Based in Dublin, Ireland, STAR Translation Services provides language translation services. We help our customers do more international business, and communicate with more people worldwide.
Quality Checking

Using Inverted Commas and Quotation Marks

Inverted commas or quotation marks are punctuation marks used in pairs to mark off speech, a quotation, a phrase or a word.
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Writing for buyers, an analysis of Gobbledygook

Do the words scalable, world-class, robust, easy to use, flexible and next generation sound familiar to you? Have you ever gotten bored of these redundant and extremely standardized phrases? If so, it's hardly surprising as these adjectives are likely to be found on most marketing websites nowadays.
Gandalf - Wizard

What is a Conlanger?

A Conlanger is a person who creates languages (Con-Language= constructed language)Are you familiar with "Game of Thrones" and its languages Dothraki and Valyrian?
Arrow pointing at the dots over both i and j, known as tittle

What is a Tittle?

The OED states the meaning of tittle, a singular noun as a tiny amount or part of something.
Customer Experience Training Course - Damian ScattergoodSTAR 2020

How to improve customer experience for international websites

Bad customer experiences on websites impact sales.If you're about to design a new site - will it work in other countries?Don't kill your international sales before you start.
SEO Services

How to Develop an SEO Strategy

Developing an SEO strategy is key to winning new customers. You need to develop a plan that outlines your business objectives, and how you will implement and measure results.
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World’s Shortest SEO Training Course

Learn the 2 most important factors in SEO in the world's shortest SEO training course.

How to Get More Work | Translator Training

How to Get More Work | Translator Training.In this training program you'll learn how STAR views and measures translators. Translation is more than just translating the words. The role of a professional translator can be complex - requiring multiple skillsets. Learn how to stand out as a translator and become a valuable asset to the agency you work with.
Product Manager Localization 101 TrainingSTAR Translation 2020

Product Manager Localization 101

Product Manager Localization 101In this training program we cover the key tasks for product localization and translation. You'll learn how to develop a product that is translatable from day one. The course also covers many areas to watch out for common translation mistakes.