What nationality are people from Hong-Kong?

If there is a problem that we don’t expect in another country, it’s the name of a population. However in Hong Kong things get a little complex. People who originate from or live in Hong Kong can fall under Chinese, Cantonese or even Hong Kongers.

Now the main problem for us is to know which name they prefer when talking to them.

If we refer to Wikipedia: “Hong Kong people (Chinese: 香港人), also known as Hong Kongers or Hong Kongese, are people who originate from or live in Hong Kong”.

The immigration department of Hong Kong states a Chinese citizen” is a person of Chinese nationality under the CNL (Peoples Republic of China). Hong Kong residents who are of Chinese descent and were born in the Chinese territories (including Hong Kong), or persons who satisfy the criteria laid down in the CNL as having Chinese nationality, are Chinese nationals.

Hong Kong is a special place. Hong-Kong is a huge city which has a population of some 7.3 million peoples. For comparison, there are 6.3 million peoples in Ireland and 2.2 million in Paris.

Officially it is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), so it has its own rules and regulations related to its history under British rules which make this city an autonomous territory.

Chinese and Hk passport

***Chinese can only hold a Chinese Passport.
Hong Kongers have the right to have more than one passport.

Finally, we will leave you with this comment we saw recently on how not to offend people from the region:

“If people are from Hong Kong, just call them Hong Kongers. Some prefer Chinese nationality, some prefer being called Cantonese, but nobody hates being called a Hong Konger”.

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