Magical Beijing Tour Of Pandas
A great event with fantastic colour and skills.

Welcome Beijing Tourism to Dublin

Last night we had great pleasure in attending the Magical Beijing Tour of Pandas. The event took place at the fabulous Convention Centre in Dublin.

The event was hosted by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and Tourism Ireland. The Lord Mayor of Dublin Andrew Montague attended the occasion and to greet special guests.

It was spectacular, full of amazing colour.

The story follows a group of pandas on their path to excellence, learning many martial arts skills along the way.

There were dancing Pandas and martial arts demonstrations that where world class and a beauty to behold. The show for me really highlighted Chinese culture and their understanding of balance. Fighting skills were combined with the beauty of dance, fantastic sound, music and action. In the same light as both yin and yang balance each other, the show highlighted this to perfection. The Chinese have a great understanding of colour, sound, movement and balance.

andrew montague and damian scattergood
Damian Scattergood, Managing director of STAR Translation and Andrew Montague, Lord Mayor of Dublin discuss the evening’s fantastic show.

The evenings event was put together by Beijing Art, Creation and Cultural Development Limited. The performers included Jet Lee’s schoolmates and some of the production team for the Beijing Olympics.

The children who attended were entertained by the amazing kung fu pandas, who introduced themselves with large red beach balls that had ‘Welcome Beijing’ painted across them.

Commission of tourism comittee
Members of the Beijing Municipal Committee and Lord Major of Dublin share their enjoyment of the show.

The show featured many different styles of martial arts and dance. My favorite Tai Chi was included alongside kung fu, kung fu boxing. Monkey warriors danced and fly across the stage showing amazing acrobatic skills.

chinese dancing
Shi Sha Hi, street dance crowded with people and possessing extraordinary kung fu skills.

Overall a fantastic night was had by all. It was a perfect blend of culture and business combined. Did you know there are over 100,000 Chinese people living in Ireland.

The event was perfectly run to allow both cultures to blend together and show each other the best of tourism from China and Ireland. Congratulations and thank you to all involved.

Chinese dancing, martial arts
Kung fu masters show Dublin their fighting skills and the beauty of dance combined.
Flying swords, Chinese dancing
Chinese masters perform at the CCD.

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