Lao supported on Google Translate
Lao language added to Google Translate armoury.

Lao supported, Google Translate blog confirms

As of today, Google Translate now supports Lao. This makes it the 65th language supported by Google Translate.

Lao, or Laotian, is a tonal language of the Tai–Kadai language family.  It’s the official language of Laos and spoken in the north-east region of Thailand. There, it is usually referred to as the Isan language. We welcome new languages like this being added to software such as Google Translate, as it shows the world is becoming a more integrated community. Supporting more languages is something Google is always working on.

While machine translation isn’t perfect, it does have uses in terms of language gisting and aiding in basic communication.

Read the Official LAO press release from Google Translate.