Discover Hidden Meanings in STAR

There is always more to a company logo than meets the eye.

What about the STAR Translation logo?

Designed over 30 years ago, it has a number of hidden meanings that still hold relevance today.

The STAR Logo represents three very different elements of our company.

  • The STAR name
  • The Delta symbol (or triangle) that we see for the ‘A’
  • The horizontal lines in the delta symbol
  1. The STAR name
  2. The name STAR signifies a shining light and leadership which most people see
  3. The letters S, T, A, R actually come from the services the company provides
    • “S” is for Software: We develop and sell translation technology
    • “T” is for Translation: We provide translation services
    • “A” is for Artwork: We provide technical drawings and artwork
    • “R” is for Recording: We provide audio translation and recording services

The name also has a second hidden meaning. STAR founded its headquarters in the Swiss town of STein Am Rhein. So 2 hidden messages in our name.

  1. The Delta symbol that we see for the ‘A’
    • The great delta symbol is the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet. In mathematical terms, it signifies variation between two variables. In translation terms, it represents the difference between two sentences. At the heart of STAR Transit, our editing system, a translator works and thus, must know the differences between sentences to accurately review the context they are translating
  2. The horizontal lines in the Delta symbol
    • These lines represent the many lines or sentences in a translation project. Combined with the delta principle, we see the entire translation in context. Every sentence or line must be viewed with the sentences around it to achieve this. For example, if I was talking about vessels, would this be vases, boats or test tubes? You would only know if you read the entire paragraph to be able to understand the context
    • Interestingly look at the width of the lines in the triangle. At the top, the first line is the smallest. You have 1 line and a small piece of information. The second line is wider as now with 2 lines you have more information. As you read a document and you read more lines your understanding improves as you read more in context. It is just like a triangle, the more lines you can see in translation the wider and better your understanding is. The better your understanding, the better the translation
  3. This is the delta principle