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Certified Localisation Professional, Level 1 training program

Certified Localisation Professional training program

Certified Localisation Professional (CLP) Level 1 training and certification 2011

Registration is now open for Certified Localisation Professional (CLP) Level 1 courses offered online and onsite in Silicon Valley, Boston Area, and Barcelona in 2011.

  • The CLP Programme sponsors include Alchemy Software Development, Multilingual Computing Inc., SDL, and Aquino Translation Software.

The courses consist of a combination of ten self-learning online modules and a four-day onsite intensive training and examinations session, as follows.

  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Localisation and the Software Engineering Life-cycle
  • Software I18N Enablement and Character Handling
  • Localisation Kitting and File Preparation
  • User Interface Localisation Tools (PC)
  • Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools (PC)
  • Introduction to Terminology, Term Bases, and Terminology Resources
  • Introduction to Test Plans, Scripts/Cases, Bug Reporting, and Classification
  • Introduction to Website Localisation
  • Introduction to Localisation Project Management

Certification details

There are two different registration fee levels: one including distribution of permanent licences for successful participants and on for excluding software licences

All successful participants will receive a TILP Level 1 CLP Certification.

If you cannot make it this year, please forward the news to other friends, colleagues, or organizations that might be interested.

“Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see you at one of the course locations.” — TILP Event Planning.

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Source: Localisation research Centre

Localization World Silicon Valley Conference

Localization World Silicon Valley, California

Localization World Silicon Valley promises to be an exciting conference with great networking and business opportunities and many informative sessions.

As per previous years, there will be a diverse program complete with lively social events and plenty of business opportunities. To relax, the location lends itself to easy side trips along the California coast and points inland such as Napa Valley and surround countryside.

For more information on the event visit LocWorld.

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Translating and the Computer Conference

Translating and the Computer Conference, London

Translating and the Computer 33 Conference Provisional Programme will take place at the Hatton in London from 17th and 18th November 2011.

The programme’s content has just been published for the ASLIB conference. See the programme below.

  • A new machine translation service for the European Commission: Spiridon Pilos, European Commission
  • Automatic translation tools at WIPO: Bruno Pouliquen, WIPO
  • NATO Terminology Programme and NATOTerm
    • Ian Jones, Chairman of NATO Translation and Terminology Systems Advisory Group (NTTS AG) and Chairman of Terminology Sub-Group of the NATO Standardization Staff Group
  • An introduction to Internationization Activity at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and its working groups, in particular with regards to HTML5 and its proposed changes to the markup used for internationalization: Richard Ishida, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)
  • Using seed terms for crawling bilingual terminology list from the Web: Analyzing and diagnosing the system performance: Kyo Kageura, University of Tokyo and Takeshi Abekawa, National Institute of Informatics
  • Machine Translation between Uncommon Language Pairs via a Third Common Language: The Case of Patents: Benjamin K. Tsou and Bin Lu, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • An effective Model for Insertion of Translation Technologies into US Government Translation Environments: Carol Van Ess-Dykema, National Virtual Translation Centre and John S. White, MITRE Corporation

And much more…

For more information on attending the conference, contact Helen Evans at ASLIB.

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“Uncancelling” of the EC Translation Technology Tender

EC Translation Technology Tender

This week on the Common Sense Advisory website, the EC has uncancelled its Ted tender for CAT tools. Quite an interesting story for those following translation technology and political institutions.

In 2010, the European Commission (EC) opened a tender for bids on computer-assisted translation, or computer-aided translation (CAT), and translation memory (TM) tools to which a number of well-known industry firms responded.

In July 2011, a corrigendum was issued declaring the awarding procedure unsuccessful. The reason given … “none of the submitted tenders met the minimum quality criteria.”

Understandably, the companies that invested time and cost in responding to the tender expressed disappointment.

For more information, visit the Common Sense Advisory.

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Unicode Conversion UTF-8 UTF-16

What a long title!

If you’ve ever damaged a string in your code: HTML / Java / XML, and need to covert or escape it, there is a great tool that will do the job quickly and efficiently for you, unicode conversion.

For unicode conversion, use this handy unicode ‘code’ converter on GitHub.

You have the option of working from mixed character strings, UTF-8 and UTF-16. It will also convert and show escaped characters for JavaScript and Unicode U+hex

Thanks to Richard Ishida of W3 for sharing this.

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LRC Best Thesis Award 2011

LRC Best Thesis Award 2011, call for entries

Closing date for entries: 2nd of September 2011

The Localization Research Centre and Symantec Ireland are pleased to announce the 2011 LRC Best Thesis Award, also sponsored by Symantec.

The LRC Best Thesis Award is an annual award given to the author of the best research publication in an area relevant to internationalisation and localisation.

Students who have completed a thesis on a relevant localisation theme within the past two years are invited to submit their work to the LRC for consideration. Theses may be submitted prior to their degree award and will be judged by a panel of academic and industry experts.

The winner will receive €1,000 and one of Symantec’s professional retail products.

The scope of the entries for the award need not be confined to a technical linguistic area, and applications are also invited from students who are carrying out research into commercial and management aspects of the localisation industry.

Possible topics may include, but are not limited to …

  • localisation workflows
  • crowdsourcing in localisation
  • global web design and content management
  • machine translation
  • computer-aided translation
  • terminology management
  • internationalisation and global software design

For more information on the awards, visit or email LRC (at) ul dot ie

Proposals may be sent by email.

Or by mail to Localisation Research Centre, CSIS Department, University of Limerick, Ireland

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5 Services We Provide

5 Services we provide our customers internationally

We provide all our customer with a varied range of services. Some of them unknown to others.

1. English Proofreading Services.

Language is our business. We have English proofreaders on our teams. You may not need translation, but perhaps your latest documents could do with a good proofreading.

You may be working on your latest tender submission or updating your website for English readers. Or how you just need your digital copy checked for consistency or ease of understanding.

Our English proofreading teams can help you achieve just that. We also provide proofreading of all the languages into which we translate.

2. US English and UK English Translation

Gasoline or Petrol, Zucchini or Courgette? We provide US English and UK English conversions and vice versa for our customers on a regular basis. Ecommerce providers often have different sites for their English speaking customers around the world.

Having your website checked for spelling mistakes can improve your online sales!

3. Voice-overs

Need a video translated? We provide voice-over translation and actors for all our languages.

4. Document Conversions

Paper, Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign, QuarkExpress, Acrobat PDF etc. We can help you with lost originals, conversions and the latest document formats.

Occasionally you may have to translate a project where you have lost your original sources. STAR’s desktop publishing teams have the experience and expertise to recreate almost any document. Even if you only have a scanned image or PDF, we can recreate your documents for you.

You may also have decided to retire some older software and move your documents to the latest design package such as Adobe InDesign; We can help make that transition easier for you.

5. Software Localization

Whether you are developing a desktop application or an iPad app we can help you deliver your software in multiple languages.

We have our own software development teams. We are a developer of document and information technology ourselves, so we know the challenges of international software design.

We can give you advice on what the best steps are for your project, including enabling and software localization services.

Download our PDF document on localization for first timers. Contact us for a quote today.

English Proofreading
Language is our business so we have English proofreaders on our teams. You may not need translation, but perhaps your latest documents could be professionally proofread.
US English and UK English Translation
Gasoline or Petrol, Zucchini or Aubergine? We provide US English and UK English conversions and vice versa for our customer on a regular basis. Ecommerce providers often have different sites for their English speaking customers around the world.
Need a video translated? We provide voice-over translation and actors for all our languages.
Document Conversion
Paper, Adobe FrameMaker &amp InDesign, QuarkExpress, Acrobat PDF, etc. From lost originals to just conversion to the latest document system we can help you.
Software Localization
Whether you are developing a desktop application or an iPad app, we can help you deliver your software in multiple languages.

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Updated: 20th of February 2015

Apple iPad Localization and Translation

Translation for iPad, localization
Damian discusses iPad translation with Pat Walsh of DiaryPlan.

iPhone and iPad Localization for Apps

Yesterday we got our hands on one of the first iPads in Ireland at the Guinness Enterprise Centre’s Open Enterprise day for new software development start-ups.

It was a tough day — 08:30 to 19:30 — probably one of the most exciting events we’ve attended. Congratulations to all involved.

The keynote speaker was Jonathan Siegel, founder of the consultancy ELC Technologies. ELC build cool applications from FunnyOrDie to ESPN and Nascar. Jonathan showed a great passion for software application development and how the iPhone and iPad had broken the mould and opened up some very exciting development opportunities for software companies.

He demoed the new iPad and some of their applications. Apple have already sold over one million iPads worldwide. The iPhone technology currently has an installed user base of some 80 million users.

We discussed iPad Localization and iPhone app translation and how this was the next challenge for the platform.

Pat Walsh from Diary Plan and Damian Scattergood, STAR Translation, Dublin discuss the iPad localization process.

Make an iPad App

The interactive session with Collin Ruffenach took a brief look at the iPhone and iPad marketplace and then dived into the dirty work of building an iPad application. With the help of a few iPads in the room, a brief overview of XCode and the iPhone SDK, we got a glimpse of how to build your first application.

Visit the Apple iPad developer kit for more information.

If you would like to learn more from the experts in Jonathan’s Team at ELC, visit iCode Blog.

If you are developing an application for the iPhone or iPad and are looking at localization, we would be really interested in partnering with you in this area. Call us for a free quote today on +353 1 836 5614.

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Going Global: expand your global view

Going Global and your Global View

Expand your global view and learning a model for going in-country.

The Localization Institute has a new training program called New Live Online Training Series.

The program starts on the 29th of April to the 20th of May 2010 – 4-part series.

The Localization Institute, a leader in localization and globalization seminars and training, offers a new 4-part series of online webinars entitled ‘Going Global: Expanding Your Global View and Learning a Model for Going In-Country’, presented by Andrew M. G. Fleck, Ph.D.

What is a global view? Get the answer to this question and find out how to personally assess, expand, and realize your global view by identifying critical success factors as well as developing and improving upon your existing intercultural skills.

Learn how to develop your own personal strategies for working across cultures and helping your company meet the challenges of the global marketplace.

The target audiences for this series are business professionals who want to prepare for doing business in other countries or experienced global professionals who want to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of their intercultural competencies.

The Localization Institute is dedicated to bringing the same quality of information and instruction to our new online training as we do with our onsite seminars and round tables.

We will continually offer new online seminars as well as repeat sessions throughout the year. You can always find a current schedule of all training offered at its website.

Register today to reserve your spot in the future of global business. Contact Sarah Fonseca at (608) 826-5001 or email sarah (at) localizationinstitute dot com with any questions or concerns or assistance on registration.

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Keynote Speakers at Worldware Conference


When: 16th – 18th of March 2010
Where: Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, California

The theme of the Worldware Conference is “The ROI of Software Internationalization.” This conference explores methodologies to get international product releases out on time and on budget.

An Entrepreneur in a Shrinking World will be the keynote presentation on the 17th of March. The presenter will be Cliff Miller, chief strategy officer for DeviceVM.

Global Expansion in a Networked World will be the keynote presentation on the 18th of March. The presenter will be Konstantin Guericke. Konstantin was most recently the CEO of jaxtr, a social communications start-up with over 10 million registered users, and co-founder of LinkedIn.

Visit Worldware Conference for more information.

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