Top 10 Languages of 2011, how popular is Irish?

Top 10 Languages of 2011, how popular is Irish?

How Popular is Irish?

As we are midway through Seachtain Na Gaeilge we thought we’d ask, how popular is Irish?

As a translation company, we provide translation into over 45 languages including Irish, from our offices in Dublin 3.

We did an analysis of all our translations for 2011 and we are happy to publish the results for our Irish readers.

You might imagine that our closest international neighbours are at the top with German and French being the most popular languages we translated into last year.

Irish follows closely at number three. English translation is number four [from various other languages.]

Our Japanese teams were kept very busy at number five. Japanese is specialised and the demand in quality for the market is exceptionally high.

An interesting one in the mix is Swedish, which comes in at number eight in the list. Maybe this is the IKEA influence in Ireland!