Difference between coat and jacket
Coat or jacket? / Stock photo

Difference between coat and jacket

We often mix our use of the words coat and jacket. But what’s the actual difference between coat and jacket?

The Coat

A coat is a typically a long piece of clothing that is worn over other clothes. It usually keeps the wearer warm and protects them from the cold during the winter months.

There are several kind of coats like the duffel coat, a reefer coat or an oilskin coat; however, there’s also a reefer jacket and a duffel jacket.

The Jacket

A jacket for its part, covers only the upper body. It’s worn over clothes, but doesn’t necessarily protect you from the cold. People wear jackets for stylish purposes only.

Jackets are typically lighter than a coat and can belong to a set of clothes like a suit (i.e. a suit jacket), worn with a skirt for women or trousers for men.

They are really easy terms to confuse though. The specific differences are length and weight and whether they protect you from the cold or not.