What is the difference between hill and mountain?
Hill or mountain? / Stock photo

Difference between hill and mountain

When it comes to the English language, certain words are often confused as the difference between them is hard to define. A great example of this is the difference between a hill and a mountain. Let’s explore the two terms closely.

A Hill

A hill is a moderate and low-lying relief that rises above a plain or plateau, it differs from the landscape. A hill can be isolated. There are also field hills. Some hills have a flat slope and we could call them small mountains, but that definition would seem subjective.

A Mountain

A mountain is a high and extended relief. One or more mountains are usually placed in a specific ecosystem and we talk about mountainous regions to define them. They also have a steep slope whereas a hill has a gradual declination.

The Difference

The difference can be defined by the height but the limit isn’t really fixed. In the UK, we talk about a mountain when it is greater than 600m (or 1,969 feet). However, we often confuse these two terms, although subjectively. In simple terms, a mountain has an identifiable summit, while a hill is more rounded.