Congratulations to Dominick Branigan a member our sales team who recently won the IBN Business Network Trophy in the Düsseldorf Marathon.

Dominick is a keen running enthusiast. This is his 5th marathon in 16 months.

His winning time was 2:49, a world class time by any standards.

Dominick took part in the Marathon as part of the Irish Business Network Exchange, an organization that promotes business between Ireland and Germany. The purpose and organization of this marathon are a little bit special; several companies were represented by teams of runners from Irish businesses.  In these teams, there was one part relay and the other was single marathon runners only.

Dominick is the first person from Ireland to win this trophy. He finished 69th out of 4,500 marathon runners in the Düsseldorf race. What motivated him to participate in this marathon was the willingness to improve his own timing and also the novelty of a new group of runners and running globally. He also took part in the Rotterdam marathon this year.

“It was an amazing experience, no stress or pressure as I was running with like-minded runners.  The last mile was a magical feeling full of emotion.”

Congratulations Dominick from STAR Translation!

Dominick Branigan being awarded his IBN trophy at the IBN marathon in DuesseldorfDominick being awarded the IBN Business Network Marathon trophy

You can follow Dominick and his passion for running in Ireland and abroad on his blog, Running with No Limits