Artificial intelligence with GRIPS: Collaboration project with IBM

IBM has developed a number of fundamental technologies and innovations in hardware and software, including in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). IBM has been marketing its AI solutions under the name Watson since 2010. Watson found fame back in 2011 when it won the US quiz show Jeopardy!

IBM now offers the following Watson solutions:

  • Conversation: Chatbots and virtual agents for customer service
  • Knowledge: Discover patterns and trends in data and text, including speech processing
  • Vision: Indexing and classifying visual content
  • Speech: Turn speech into text and text into speech
  • Language: Machine translation and voice recognition
  • Empathy: Predict personality traits and recognise emotions and communication style based on textual analysis

As a pilot collaboration project with IBM, STAR has implemented the PRISMA voice assistant based on Watson’s speech APIs. This enables PRISMA to interpret the semantic GRIPS information directly using the voice assistant without having to develop and implement custom dialogues.


Intelligent service information on demand: PRISMA voice assistant

Like Siri, Alexa and Google Now, the PRISMA voice assistant is activated by saying “Hello PRISMA”. Service technicians can then get all the information they need on demand without having to put their tools down:

  • Service technicians can use voice commands to view the current, previous or next step in a set of servicing instructions, or have the relevant step read out.
  • When commanded, PRISMA can highlight the elements relevant to a specific work step in images and 3D models.
  • Service technicians can enquire about the time remaining, which is calculated using the specified flat rate units.
  • PRISMA answers questions about the tools and materials required.
  • Measurements and settings can be entered using voice input.
  • Service technicians can dictate information for the service report, status monitoring and field feedback.

The voice assistant will be introduced over the course of 2018 as a PRISMA upgrade package. You will receive more information about this in the GRIPS newsletter as and when relevant.