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European parliament, English not official language after Brexit

English not an official language after Brexit

European parliament hemicycle in Strasbourg / Image credit:…

Great Scots! 421 Words for Snow

How many words for snow do you know? The Scots' have nearly 400!. Here's the background and few to get you started!. How do you say 'Snow' in your language?
The Magic E in English spelling.

Magic E: Silent but Useful

English spelling rule: The Magic E. Better English: The Magic…
New words enter OED, 2015
Make or Do, Better English with STAR

The Make or Do Quiz

How good is your English? Whats the difference between To Do, and To Make. Check this quizz and find out.
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What’s the difference between specially and especially?

Difference Between Specially and Especially in EnglishIt's probably not something you put much thought into, and just went with whatever sounded right to you. But there are subtle differences between both words.
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What’s the difference between Spelled and Spelt ?

Difference Between Spelled and Spelt in English English language…
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Clichés By The Book

Clichés: Give It To Me Straight! A cliché (also cliche) is…
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Capitalise That, Capitalisation!

Capitalise that, Capitalisation in English Let's face it, it…