Jigger : One Word 28 Meanings


Jigger has 28 different meanings in English

When we translate we often asked clients for reference material or examples so we can understand the context of the translation, but what exactly does this mean?

OK, lets consider the following sentence:

“If the jigger seems to be broken, replace it immediately. We recommend type 2 jiggers marked in blue in our catalog.

What does that mean? Jigger is a really amazing world in English.

Jigger can be:

  1. A Handcar, a hand-operated railway car
  2. A jigger flea or chigoe flea, a parasitic arthropod found in tropical climates that may cause an inflammatory skin disease
  3. A Liverpool term for an ‘alleyway’
  4. A pallet jack
  5. A Surveyors Total Station (electronic theodolite)
  6. A tool for setting fish gill nets under ice, made of wood and metal and operated via rope from the surface
  7. In golf, an old metal golf club with a narrow face
  8. A rest for a billiard cue
  9. A miner who sorts or cleans ore by the process of jigging. One who jigs
  10. The actual sieve used in jigging ore
  11. An Irish dancer – Dancer of jigs and reels
  12. In textiles, it’s a device used in the dyeing of cloth
  13. In pottery, the horizontal lathe used in producing flatware
  14. A pendulum rolling machine for slicking or graining leather
  15. A light all-purpose tackle
  16. A small sail set in the stern of a yawl or similar boat
  17. A boat having such a sail
  18. A jigger mast
  19. A small fishing vessel, rigged like a yawl
  20. Any of a number of mechanical devices having a vibratory or jerking motion
  21. A type of hydraulic lift in which a hydraulic ram operates the lift through a block and tackle which increases the length of the stroke
  22. A device or thing the name of which is unknown or temporarily forgotten
  23. A small tackle consisting of a double and single block with a rope
  24. A small glass, esp for whisky, with a capacity of about one and a half ounces
  25. A cigarette
  26. A gadget


  1. To alter or adjust, particularly in ways not originally intended.
  2. Rearrange or tamper with: conventional price indexes often jigger the market basket’s content

That’s 28 different meanings before we discuss slang. There are some slang terms for the word.

So the learning is that from a simple word you can have many different meanings. It’s impossible to translate the original sentence we quoted without knowing the context of what you are talking about. Next time you’re working with a translation agency or an advertising company for your products make sure you give them pictures, diagrams and background information to your project so they get the correct translation or interpretation for you first time and every time.

At STAR we specialize in technical translation and we have our own dictionary management systems for every client and industry they work in. Terminology management is the cornerstone for quality, professional translation.


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