Spanish: Number One Language Spoken in USA

Number one language spoken in USA: Spanish

Spanish is number one language spoken in USA, Chinese is second
2011 Language Mapper showing Spanish and Chinese as top two languages spoken in USA

A new Census Bureau Interactive Map shows Spanish as number one language spoken in USA with Chinese being the second most-spoken one.

Spanish and Chinese are the top languages spoken in the United States of America; most of the population is proficient in English, however.

The U.S. Census Bureau released an interactive online map pinpointing the wide array of languages spoken in homes across the nation, along with a detailed report on rates of English proficiency, and the growing number of speakers of other languages.

The 2011 Language Mapper shows where people speaking specific languages (other than English) live, with dots representing how many people speak each of the 15 different languages recorded in the States.

For each language, the mapper shows the concentration of those who report that they speak English less than ‘very well’ — a measure of English proficiency. The tool uses data collected through the American Community Survey from 2007 to 2011.

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Source: US Census Language Mapper Tool

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