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What nationality are people from Hong-Kong?

If there is a problem that we don’t expect in another country, it’s the name of a population. However in Hong Kong things get a little complex. People who originate from or live in Hong Kong can fall under Chinese, Cantonese or even Hong Kongers. Now the main problem for us is to know which […]

Staff Interview : Life in Translation

“What is it like working in the translation industry?” We interviewed one of our senior project managers to get their opinion on serious and fun side of the translation business. As a foreign language speaker who studied translation it’s probably pretty easy job isn’t it? I. Good Translation Isn’t Easy In the world of translation, […]

Meaning of Color around the World

Nowadays if you’re doing business at international level you are very tuned in to considering culture in your product design. What works in one culture may not work in another so you need to be aware of these. However an often overlooked part of culture is “Color”.  Colors does not escape the rules of localization […]

Corporate Machine Translation – STAR MT

STAR’s latest MT Engine helps you deliver more content faster, economically and with higher quality than standard machine translation. Your style, your wording, your translation Your company’s communication style and terminology should remain consistent, even in translation. That’s why STAR MT is trained exclusively using text, translations and terminology from within your company. With STAR […]