How to Get More Work | Translator Training

How to Get More Work | Translator Training.

In this training program you'll learn how STAR views and measures translators. Translation is more than just translating the words. The role of a professional translator can be complex - requiring multiple skillsets. Learn how to stand out as a translator and become a valuable asset to the agency you work with.
28/04/2020/by Star Translation
Product Manager Localization 101 Training

Product Manager Localization 101

Product Manager Localization 101

In this training program we cover the key tasks for product localization and translation. You'll learn how to develop a product that is translatable from day one. The course also covers many areas to watch out for common translation mistakes.
22/04/2020/by Star Translation
WordPress Translation with WPML and STAR Translation

STAR Translation launches integrated WordPress translation solution

STAR Translation launches integrated WordPress translation solution: Translate WordPress into 200 languages with STAR and WPML.
28/02/2020/by Star Translation
SEO Services

Is there a limit to how many 301 redirects you can use? | SEO

If you're updating your site - how many 301 redirects are allowed? Is it a good idea to use multiple 301's? Matt Cutts from Googles give best practice advce.
12/11/2019/by Star Translation
Translation | Translator | Worldwide

How many Lines of Code did you write today?

How many lines of code does it take to support Google's internet services?
11/11/2019/by Star Translation

What the CIA know about you and your country

Useful information availabel from the CIA on contries around the globe. Learn how your contry is seen and advice to travelling to different countries.
12/09/2019/by Star Translation

Machine Translation Summit (MTSummit 2019)

STAR is delighted to sponsor this years Machine Translation…
10/07/2019/by Star Translation

Meet us at Automechanika Birmingham

Automechanika Birmingham is the UK's leading exhibition for…
29/04/2019/by STAR translation

Meet us at Electronomous – The International Car Tech & Mobility Summit

Translation Services for Mission Critical Information!
26/04/2019/by STAR translation
irish placenames - sign

Irish Placenames Database for Irish Translators

Looking for the Irish Translation for a place in Ireland?
04/04/2019/by Star Translation

Are you Brexit Ready?

21/02/2019/by Star Translation

Trinity College Translation Talk With STAR

Recently our vendor manager Isabel Puente Lozano had the…
21/02/2019/by Star Translation
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