Translators and Translation Jobs in WPML

A guide to using the WordPress plug-in for translation.

Translators and Translation Jobs in WordPress

This item lets you manage your translators. What language pairs they translate, and so on.

Pick or create a user that has editing privileges; they can also be the currently logged in user or an admin. We recommend having at least one translator user that can handle all language pairs. This makes it easier to export or import content in bulk.

To add a translator:

  1. Click Add translator
  2. Pick an initial language pair, e.g. From English to French
  3. Pick a user (WordPress will help you search for usernames)
  4. Click the blue Add translator button

WordPress Plug-in Translators Tab

WordPress Translation Management, translators and translation jobs
  1. Click on edit languages to change the languages a translator can handle
  2. Tick all or some of the available languages, then click Update
WordPress Translation Management

Translation Jobs

Translation Jobs is a tab located in the Translation Management menu. You can change any registered user on your WordPress system under the Translator column as indicated below.

WPML Translators Jobs