Installation of WordPress Plug-in for Translation

A guide to using the WordPress plug-in for translation.

Installing The WordPress Plug-in for translation

Once you receive the plug-in files from your account manager, proceed as follows:

Copy the contents of the ZIP (.zip) file to your installation folder: /wp-content/plugins.

The plug-ins will then appear in your WordPress Dashboard under the Plugins section as available for activation.

See detailed installation instructions below.

Note: we can install the wordpress translation plug-in for you if you need help.

Installation via WordPress Interface

To install a new plug-in, go to Plugins in the left-hand side menu, click on Add New and click on the Upload Plugin button.

Upload new plug-in
Screenshot: Click on Plugins and Add New.

Upload Plug-ins as ZIP format

Select new plug-ins
Screenshot: Click on Browse… and select one ZIP file (each time) for upload as shown above.
Screenshot: after installing, tick the three plug-ins and activate as shown above.