MindReader for Outlook
STAR MindReader for Outlook

MindReader for Outlook

Emails are fun again

Quick and consistent email communication.

STAR MindReader is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, which provides you with direct support when you write emails by offering text suggestions from sent emails. This helps you to formulate emails much quicker and more consistently — for communication in the fast lane.

Simple To Start

MindReader for Outlook can be installed quickly and is incredibly easy to use. You can get going right away without having to familiarise yourself with the add-in and without the need for any training while continuing to work in the same way you always have with Outlook. MindReader for Outlook automatically learns your formulations from your emails without you having to create, organize or manage standard sentences or text modules.

Users report that they are able to formulate their emails 15 to 20% quicker after installing the add-in and, in the end, they can “write as quickly as they can speak”.

Email Authoring Tools — A Time Factor

For both manager and employees at all levels of the company, email communication is an integral part of the daily business and is growing in importance.

The most time-consuming task when composing an email is trying to decide how best to formulate it. The question is not usually ‘what’ you want to communicate, but rather ‘how’. Most emails are in reference to topics and content that have already been communicated, either by email or by similar means. If you can quickly and easily use and reuse existing information, you do not have to start from scratch with the formulation every day.

This advantage is helping people to save a great deal of time. they are, therefore, able to free up time that can be spent dealing with important issues that go beyond the daily routine.

Concise Consistency

With MindReader for Outlook, you can not only compose your emails quickly, but they will be to the point: if you can reuse established formulations, your communication remains consistent and there is no longer a need for you to mull over the same sentences time and again.

Concentrate on what’s important

To help you to concentrate on the content, MindReader does not disrupt your writing flow: it displays the suggestions right where you need them. Whether you accept a suggestion by double-clicking, using a key combination, context menu or toolbar, your preferences and personal methods remain untouched.