How to get a Translation Reviewed

When there is more than one right way to translate a word or a sentence, how do you know which one is correct? How do you pick the best translation?

There are the four characteristics of a great translation. Here is our best practice guide to reviewing a translation.

What does Great Translation look like?

  1. The translated text is grammatically correct and has no typos or misspellings
  2. The translated text is an accurate translation of its source text
  3. The translated text reads fluently to the target audience
  4. The translated text serves the same purpose as the source text intended to, but in a way that convinces the target audience that the text was written originally for them

The Next Step

When you receive a translation you may feel tempted to send it to a native speaker to ensure that the translation reads well and is accurate as possible, but before you do that consider this: can the person ensure that the translation is good in the four ways described above?

Non-language professionals are prone to:

  • use grammar incorrectly and misspell words
  • review the text without regarding the source, so the translation says something completely different than the original text
  • make inconsistent errors within the text and with other relevant texts

A non-language professional can provide reassurance that the translation reads fluently in their language, and that it uses the appropriate vocabulary and terminology for the industry. They can ensure that the translation serves the correct purpose, also. Professional translators and proofreaders occasionally become too focused on providing the most accurate translation, and the requirements of the text may favour for a more open translation e.g. persuasive marketing text or creative literature content. To ensure that the translation is as accurate as possible, let us know if you decide to have a translation reviewed by a native speaker.

STAR professional translators can check the changes made to ensure that they are grammatically correct, consistent, and accurate with respect to the original source.

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