Spelling Rules Game

Spelling Rules is an application that teaches the rules of spelling in a dyslexia-friendly way.

Spelling Rules Game

You can read how the rules work, listen to examples, and play games to see if you’ve got them right. Note: The application might take a moment or two to load, depending on your internet speed. If you have problems viewing it, you might need to update Adobe Flash Player.

The Spelling Rules Game

About Spelling Rules and how it teaches spelling in a dyslexia friendly way.

The game SpellingRules and the spellingrules website were created by Claire McNelis as part of a Master’s thesis in Digital Media at NUI, Galway. She wanted to create an application that would teach spelling rules in a way that was simple and accessible for dyslexic people, without being too academic or childish.

The project could not have been completed without the help of several people: Fiona Concannon, Claire’s supervisor; Colm Donnelly, for being the voice of spellingrules.ie; and her sister Ciara, for proofreading the written part of the project; Niall and Josephine Gannon, for the idea and for all their advice, and Doreen Friel, for helping organise pilot testing.

The application is sponsored by STAR Translation Services. STAR has a keen interest in the English language and its development. As Paul Quigley, one of the company directors, is himself dyslexic. The concept sparked the companies interest and they decided to collaborate in sponsoring the development and helping to promote the site.

“It is great to be involved with a project that shares both fun and educational values” says Paul Quigley.

About Claire McNelis

Claire is a Digital Media graduate in Galway, Ireland. Her main areas of interest are web development, e-learning and interface design. As part of her masters, she developed the Spelling Rules Website to help promote the game which help dyslexic people improve their spelling in an easy manner.