Cloud Translation

All your language assets stored in a single place.

Cloud translation is simply the process of translating your documents across the internet using a web interface, so all your assets are in a single place.

It is fast, efficient and you can check your projects at anytime – even when you’re on the road using a mobile device.

Translation in the Cloud

Typically, this is via a translation portal such as STAR’s Translation Cloud that allows you to upload, track and manage all your files and projects from one central location.

Traditionally, translation is done via email (and still is for some clients): you send files, you get a quote, approve the quote by email and so on. With customers’ time being in such high demand, customers need to be able to track and approve projects on the move. You can log on from the office or remotely if travelling to check the status of a translation project, approve a quote, update terminology or start a new translation job.

You can interact with our translation team via our Question and Answers system that helps us clarify and check issues with you as we translate.

Post translation review can also be done online with WebCheck, which means your files will be published faster.

New customers can register for free on the STAR Translation Cloud.

Cloud language services

STAR Translation Cloud

Our Translation Cloud can make the process easy for you by bringing all your language assets together in one place. So for customers on the go, demanding an online services portal, we give you the ability to:

  1. track your projects online
  2. manage your terminology in the cloud
  3. order translations
  4. download your translations
  5. view reports: monitor spending and statistics
  6. see invoices.