Back Translation Services

Delivering excellent translation quality.

A back translation is a translation of previously translated text back into its original language, made without reference to the original text.

It is used when translation accuracy is of utmost importance. Often this is used in medical, insurance, finance or legal translation.

How accurate is your translation?

Certain documents can have very specific translation or regulatory quality requirements. Back translation is widely used where the accuracy of the translations is particularly important. In financial investment, is 100% capital-secured the same as 100% capital guaranteed? How do you identify such issues during the translation process?


  • review accuracy
  • target reflects source
  • translation accuracy
  • differentiation
What is back translation?

Best Practice

STAR operates a program of back translation for such sensitive documents. Two completely autonomous teams work on your project. The first team translates into the target language, and the second back translation team will translate the new language back into source language (frequently English) without reference. Then both sets of source language documents (the original copy and the back translated document) are compared to see if they are the same. Wherever the back translation differs from the source (English), the translation is reviewed by first the back translation team to confirm the back translation is correct and then by the original team. This is the best practice process to deliver the most accurate translation and to provide an independent audit trail.

Back translation can also be used in marketing text translation. Often, a marketing copy can be emotional or have a specific meaning selling to its audience. So when translated it becomes more than just about the words. Will the translation carry the same sales message, the same branding message, will it still be relevant to the target audience? Performing back translation work can ensure that you compare the meanings. Once you are happy your meaning, intent and brand is maintained, you know your translation quality is just right for your market and bottom line.