In-context Review

Getting the balance between accuracy and fluency.

Good translations are an accurate translation of the source text (i.e. they transmit the same message), and appear as fluent writing to the target language (i.e. the target audience can identify the text as written for them by a native person), simultaneously. The right balance between accuracy and fluency depends on the nature of the text.

Accuracy and Fluency

In a medical translation, it is vital that the translated text is an accurate translation of the source, because lives may depend on it. However, in marketing translation, the text needs to be very fluent in order to be persuasive and elicit an emotional response. To ensure that the balance is right, STAR can provide an in-context proofreading of the translation. This type of proofreading happens after the text has been implemented in the final document or on its website.

What is an in-context review?

Medical Translation

The right balance between accuracy and fluency.

In-context review medical accuracy

Marketing Translation

The right balance between accuracy and fluency.

In-context review marketing fluency

We ensure:

  • checked against original
  • appropriate context, images and layouts
  • emotional response appropriate for audience


Full in-context proofreading is a time-consuming process. In-context reviews are charged at the proofreading rate. STAR will provide an upfront quote for this work. For some projects, a quick sanity check may be more appropriate.

One of our professional translators will go through the translation and read it carefully to ensure that:

  • the meaning of the text is retained in the full context. Each translated sentence and heading is checked against its original source
  • the text is appropriate in relation to the context, pictures and layout
  • the emotional response of the translation in the reader is appropriate for the audience
  • there are no corrupted characters or truncated sentences
  • all translations appear in the source and are placed correctly
  • there are no issues with the layout (e.g. incorrect use of fonts, clipped pictures and clarity of text)