Lighthouse Studio Translation

Formerly SSI Web Translation and Localization Services

Deliver Professional Web Surveys in Multiple Languages

Lighthouse Studio is a powerful survey software platform from Sawtooth Software. It can be used for general interviews as well as conjoint analysis. We can help you deliver your survey in multiple languages.

Survey Translation

Sawtooth Software, enables you to quickly and easily design web-based surveys. With more than 50 offices worldwide, we can deliver into more than 70 languages.

Once you’ve built your survey, you will need to deliver it to a global audience. All our translators work in a protected environment. This means that they deliver clean files translated and ready for you to integrate directly into your survey.

Lighthouse Studio Translation

  • CiW (Computer Interviewing for the Web)
  • CBC for Choice-Based Conjoint
  • CBC Advanced Design Module
  • ACBC Adaptive Choice
  • ACA for Adaptive Conjoint Analysis
  • CVA for Traditional Full-Profile Conjoint Analysis
  • MaxDiff for Maximum Difference Scaling

XLF Language Translations

We can work directly with your XLF (XLIFF) files for translation. SSI Web can export XLIFF files directly for translation so it’s very easy for us to translate them for you.

What software do you use to translate XLF files?

All STAR Translators use Transit NXT to allow them edit and translate your XLF files. This system protects you code and lets our human translators see and edit the required text for your survey.

*XLF (also called XLIFF) is the official  abbreviation for the XML Localisation Interchange File Format

For more information on SSI Web and how to run online surveys visit: Sawtooth Software

Our Services

With offices around the world, we provide software localization services into over 40 languages. Whether you need to translate into French, German, Arabic or Chinese, we have the expertise and resources to assist you. We translate for some of the world’s largest brands on a regular basis.