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ICYMI: A Slew of New Words Enter English

New Words Enter English, Oxford English Dictionary This year sees a slew of  “cray” words being entered into the Oxford English Dictionary. You may have heard or read them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Oxford University Press The Oxford University Press has one of the largest language research programmes in the world. Their most important […]

2014 Irish Exporters Association Awards

Irish Exporters Association Awards 2014 If you’re an exporter here’s a great opportunity to have your company recognized. Enterprise Ireland is one of the sponsors of the 2014 Irish Exporters Association Export Industry Awards, which is now open for nominations. There are 11 categories covering different sectors and a range of stages of development and […]

Clichés By The Book

Clichés: Give It To Me Straight! A cliché (also cliche) is an expression, idea, opinion or phrase that was once considered an original metaphor, but over time became overused and unoriginal. They were used to convey a novel approach or, to some effect, explain an artistic element. An English playwright named John Heywood, wrote a […]

Capitalise That, Capitalisation!

Capitalise that, Capitalisation in English Let’s face it, it can be a tad confusing when it comes to whether a word receives a capital first letter or not. However, there is a general rule of thumb to consider if the first letter of a word is to be capitalised: uniqueness! That is, for instance, if […]

The Untranslatables

Untranslatables: No English Equivalent There are many words in the English language that were borrowed from other languages such as Latin, French, German, Spanish and so on. They are called loanwords and exhibit little or no modification at all. Although, there are many words that the English language could do with adding… Languages are fascinating […]

Job Vacancy: Project Manager Internship

Job Opening: Project Manager Internship About Us Based in Docklands Innovation Park, Dublin, STAR is a provider of translation services in 40 languages. Founded in 2002, we are a privately held company and a member of the STAR Group — Europe’s largest privately held translation company. STAR has over 40 offices around the world. Our […]