“Translation is about more than just the words we translate.”

We are often asked about minimum charges for translation. What happens if you only have 3 words to translate? We set a minimum charge for translation which is typically €50.00 per language, which covers you for about 300 words.

Minimum charges apply for very specific reasons. We have to perform a number of tasks on every translation. Our rates are based on context checking, reference checking, spellchecks and finally proofreading.

What you get for your money

It might strike you as surprising but we treat every project exactly the same regardless of size. Sometimes smaller projects can actually be harder to translate. Every translation has a translator, project manager and proofreader check it – even if it’s 3 words.

Take a look at the example below to explain the work that is involved in every translation regardless of size.

Context Check

Sometimes you may only have 3 words but the translator needs to check those words in context to ensure the translation is correct. For example does the word “Armed” mean you are carrying weapons or that an intruder alarm is in the “armed” state. The translation is very different. In the same light, does “Press here” refer to pushing a button or the position of a printing press on an office diagram? Translators always have to do their research work to ensure your translation is in context and correct.

In the diagram above, I could easily write,”I had a row“, “I’d like to have a good row with you“, but what do these mean? Are they positive or negative sentences? It all depends on the context. The word row has multiple meanings depending on the context (and how you say it).

Reference Check

We also check if we have translated the same text or similar text for you in the past. It is important that the translation is the same and consistent for accuracy and brand image for you.

Row as a homonym (in-context meaning)

Proofreading and Spellcheck

Finally the completed translation is proofread. It may only be a few words but we need to check it has been translated correctly, spellchecked and reads correctly before you publish it.

“We protect your image and brand.”

Once we had a company request the translation of an advertising banner that was to be shown along the side of a pitch at a rugby match in a rotating banner. It was only one line of text but was seen by over 30,000 people. They came to STAR to ensure everything was perfect. It might have been only one sentence but they knew they only had one chance to impress an audience. What would happen to the company brand if the translation was wrong? How much did the banner advertisement cost?

It’s important you put your best foot forward, so minimum charges mean we go the extra mile for you.