Rush Translation Services

In today’s demanding world, sometimes you just need a translation in a hurry. In a hurry can mean many things to different people, overnight, 24-hour, as fast as possible etc. With our global presence employing more than 950 specialists, we have the firepower to help you deliver in any language.

Same day or overnight translation

Every so often customers do require urgent translations or translation in a hurry. This might be because of a tight deadline, a pending order or they’ve simply run out of time and need to publish something now. This type of translation is often referred to as rush translation, same day translation, overnight translation or 24-hour translation.

STAR has offices in over 50 offices around the world operating across multiple time zones. We have the capability to deliver the translation for you using our global network. The STAR group operates 24/7. Rush translation is when we have to follow our rush process to expedite a translation for you.

Rush Translation Process

We operate a 6-step rush translation process.

1. Request

When you request a rush project we will give you a quotation and timeline deadline for your project within 1 hour (often quicker). The objective is to have your project in production as fast as possible for you. Rush fees: all rush projects will have a rush fee associated with it. This can be anywhere from 30% to 100% extra depending on the challenge, languages and complexity of your translation project.

2. Sales Agreement

At this stage, because you need the translation in a hurry, we don’t know if we can 100% guarantee delivery. We will give you a quote and ask for your approval to proceed with the translation before all the finer details are in place.

We do expect based on our standard rush process, that we should be able to deliver everything on time for you; however, at this stage all the details have still to be 100% confirmed.


Rush translation process

3. Production Agreement

The next step is, once we have your agreement to start the translation, to have our production team start. With any rush project we need to ensure that we have translators free and ready to take your project.

This process can take time and effort on our behalf so we need agreement to proceed with the translation in advance.

4. Translation / DTP Confirmed by translation department/suppliers

Once we have confirmed that the translation department is ready to go, we start your translation immediately. We confirm the actual delivery time and date and relay this back to our client if anything is different than our original quotation.

Understanding Deadlines

It is important to note that when any process is rushed, it is almost impossible to 100% guarantee the results. As we progress along our process the certainty of your delivery increases. At each stage we are more confident of the results and we keep your informed of the progress. This is how we manage the accuracy and delivery of all our rush projects.

Certainty of rush translation projects

5. Translation DTP / Received

Once the final translated files are received, we complete the desktop publishing. We check everything is translated correctly and lthey layout is as per your original request. Once approved, the files are sent for final checking.

6. Quality Checking

Depending on the urgency and quality requirement specified for your specific project, our quality team will then perform the final quality analysis on your translation. Once completed the files are then sent to you to complete the project.