Bilingual Tables

Make it easy to accurately match source and target language texts for editing.

Occasionally we are asked by customers to provide translation in text format so that it can be cut and pasted back into another system. In these cases, we typically recommend a bilingual table format for your file(s) or document(s).

Bilingual tables in MS Word or Excel Formats

Translations can be provided in a bilingual table in MS Word or Excel format, with the source text in the left column and the corresponding target language text in the right one. Delivering translation in this format makes it easy to accurately match the target-language text with the corresponding source text.

Inserting text into another document or editing system

This solution is particularly useful when you provide us with a text-only file whose content you plan on inserting into another document after translation, e.g.:

  • Website content: the translated text will be pasted into a content management system (CMS)
  • Design files: the translated text will be pasted into a native design file to produce a translated version and print-ready file
  • Non-editable content (images, diagrams, wiring and mechanical diagrams, scanned documents): the translated text will be used to recreate files corresponding to the source-language ones
  • Translation of selected parts only: the translated content will be copied and pasted where required

Copying and pasting content in a language that you don’t speak can be confusing and error-prone. Having the text clearly broken down in a bilingual format makes it easy to match the source and translated content. When multiple languages are required, we provide a separate file, i.e. a separate table, for each of the requested languages to help you avoid the translated content being pasted incorrectly.

Bilingual table icon

Example of a Bilingual Table

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