How to use the STAR Translation Cloud.

Get the most from your translation projects.

How to create a new account

Here we learn how to register for a cloud account for the very first time.

After registration you will get an email to confirm your account within 24-48 hours.

How to login or reset your password

Login process for the STAR Translation Cloud.

If you forget your password, or simply want to change it – here’s how.

How to Get a Quote

How to request a translation quote for your files using the STAR Translation Cloud.

How to review your translation with WebCheck

Here we learn how to review your translations and send us feedback via the STAR WebCheck system.

How to answer questions

Occasionally our translation teams will have questions for you on your projects.
The STAR Q&A systems allows you to answer those qustions and share the translators easily.

How to find a project

If you are doing a number of translations it is often useful to be able to search to find your project. There are a number of methods to quickly find what you are looking for.

How to download translations

Once your translation is completed it is a simple task to download the files to your desktop.

How to review my invoices

Here’s how to double check the final value of the invoice we will send you by PDF.