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  • Terminology: A translation framework to help you maintain quality when translating technical terminology
  • Human Translation Review Process: Clear steps for a quick & effective review of technical translations to ensure clear & precise understanding. 

Quality translations of technical documents require a well-structured process to ensure translation consistency and reduce the time to deliver user manuals to market. 

Having the Expert Translators Checklist gives you a framework to plan, organise and execute your translation projects on budget and to meet all important deadlines to keep product releases on track. 

The checklist covers the 5 common Technical Document translation mistakes and how to avoid them: 

Translating Technical Documents?

Avoid Translation Rework with the Expert  Translation Checklist!

  • Images & Diagrams: Time-saving tips when creating images & designing diagrams for better communication translation & easier translations.
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI): What to consider & incorporate into Technical Documents when planning for Human Machine Interfaces for easier integration and quicker translations.

Improve Quality by Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

  • File Formats: What to look for when choosing the best Technical Document file format for a quicker & more efficient translation process.