How do you say I Love You in French?

Learn to Say I Love You in French this Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, most translation companies around the world get asked at some time or another to translate ‘I love you’ or ‘will you marry me?’

To help you on your way to that special day, we’ve translated the most popular phrases into over 28 languages. We have even recorded the voices for you. So you’ll be able to pronounce them an impress that someone special!

Visit our ‘I love you’ page and learn how to say I love you in French in no time.

We’ve even included some advice and contact information for getting married around the globe.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all the team at STAR.

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  1. Translation People
    Translation People says:

    I really like the I love you page. If you know someone whose first language isn’t English then they can find it frustrating that they can’t speak in their native language all of the time. So if you have a partner who speaks English as a second language then taking the effort to say “Ti penso”, “Miluji T?” or “Te quiero” is a very romantic way of expressing how you feel.

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