Transit NXT: Service Pack 2 Release

Transit NXT Service Pack 2 is now available for download from STAR.

Service Pack 2 contains the following new feature and solved issues:

Support for DITA XML

A standard file type “XML_DITA” for DITA format is now available.
DITA is a standardized document format for describing information types.

Feature updates:

Transit NXT
– Spellchecker:  improved spellchecking functionality and procedures
– Arabic:  improved format check, improved segment display
– Markup:  improved markups display, improved search within markups, markup assignment in virtually joined segments
– Improved processing of Powerpoint animations
– Improved processing of binary resource files
– Reference material: improved maintenance and organisation of reference material

TermStar NXT
– Statistics:  improved field statistics
– Import/Export:  improved import/export functionality

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