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World Time Clock

World Time Clock with HTML5

What time is it now?

Click on any location around the world to get its current time.

World Time Clock

If your are doing business worldwide, you might also want to check out our timezone information.

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UK: 800,000 Children English not first Language

UK flag, English not first language for 800K children

Union Jack flag / Stock photo

English not first language for 800K in UK

Official reports in the UK show that more than 800,000 schoolchildren do not speak English as their first language.

According to figures published by the Department for Children, Schools and Families in May, some 14.4pc of children aged between 5 and 11 years of age speak languages other than English at home. This figure is on the increase: almost 10pc higher than last year.

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Source: The Telegraph (UK)

Nasz Glos: New Polish weekly in Ireland

A new polish weekly paper is available for Polish people in Ireland called Nasz Głos

According to national statistics, the number of Polish people living in the Ireland has reached 250,000* and the majority of them are living in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Nasz Glos is a weekly online publications that helps Polish people in Ireland get the right job, improve their qualifications, start their own business, find comfortable accommodation, and advises on assimilating themselves into Irish culture.

*As of April 2008

European Health Insurance Card

european health insurance card

Travelling in Europe?

You should apply for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This is an important card to protect you when travelling abroad. It’s free and takes just under 10 days to arrive to your home address.

Irish citizens can apply online through the HSE

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Polish Community Resources

Polish Community Resources

According to unofficial statistics there are almost 300,000 Polish people in Ireland. This year a large number of them will be able to vote in Ireland.
If you have recently moved to Ireland, then here are some useful Polish resources for you:

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Emergency Numbers

Phone numbers for emergency services in major European countries differ from country to country. For safety, you should always check your destination’s emergency information before you travel.

112 is the generic number to call emergency services anywhere in the European Union.

Emergency numbers

Country Police Ambulance Fire Brigade
Andorra 110 118 118
Austria 133 144 122
Belgium 101 100 100
France 17 15 18
Italy 113 118 115
Switzerland 117 144 118

Fianna Fáil Seeks Polish Members

Fianna Fáil asks Polish members to join party

Fianna Fáil recently launched their own Polish pages to invite members to join their party.

It shows a very interesting trend in Ireland and the depth of Polish nationals within the country.

The Fianna Fáil party’s Polish web pages.

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Best way to translate a website

Best way to translate a website

Best practice tips to translate a website / STAR Translation Imaging

How to translate a website

Website translation is always a tough area for marketing departments. We are regularly asked what the best process is for website translation. If you maintain an English site with a large number of pages and content that continually changes, how do you manage the cost of translation?

There are a number of different best practices to address this challenge for any business.

Use a Content Management System (CMS)

If you don’t have a budget constraint then the most effective method is to use a Content Management System (CMS). Choose one that can handle multiple languages and can support regular updates. Remember, you don’t have to translate your entire site right away. You can spread your budget over a period of time. This way you can gradually deliver the right content to the right target market.

Translate only the key pages

You could just translate the most important pages only. It is worth getting your web designer to review and select the most popular pages on your site. Then just translate these! You may find your visitors focus on one particular area on your site, therefore, firstly, you can decide the most important pages to translate. This means you can manage your budget down to the page and maximise your ROI.

Be careful when looking at the numbers as you may find that your News pages are high on the list. However they will change very often and probably have a lot of content. This might be a section you do not need to translate. We also recommend using the word Blog instead or News, as the word news can be a little misleading to some users.

The result of this method is that you get a site where the key content is translated, very cost effective and delivers results. The only downside is that from a customer’s point-of-view they will see some English content. You need to decide if this is acceptable for your customers.

Develop a microsite

Another alternative is to develop a microsite in the target languages. In this scenario, you take the most important pages from your analytics and produce a new site with only this content. This is a much smaller site and links directly from your main site. When a user selects a new language, they are taken to this microsite in theirs.

The key advantage of this method is that the site is completely translated with the most relevant content. You do have an extra small amount of managing to do for this microsite, but the main advantage is that it doesn’t have to be updated as much as the main site.

Translate one language at a time

An area often overlooked is what languages to use on your website. Into which languages to translate?

From a marketing point of view, it makes sense to translate only one language at a time or possibly the more popular ones such as French, German, Spanish or Italian. The reason why is that it’s better to implement a marketing strategy one country at a time to check user-interaction and activity with that translated version.

When you roll out a new site, you want to make sure that:

  1. it works correctly for the target market
    • Is the website working for foreign characters?
  2. your internal systems can handle feedback or client communication
    • Can you handle your new French and German customers at the same time?
  3. the site is delivering what you expected
    • Are you looking for calls, emails or direct sales enquiries?

Should we use flags?

This is always an interesting one. It is generally not recommended to use flags to represent languages on a website.


When a site is in different languages, it’s best to use text saying French, German, English etc” to signify the language

This way a person choosing English in the US, Ireland or UK only selects English. Flags can be politically sensitive; for example, having a person in the south of Ireland clicking on a UK flag for English text, whereas a label stating English would be appropriate.

Sites by Country

For country specific sites it’s appropriate to use flags. If you have an office in the UK or the US, then it’s perfectly acceptable to have the US flag to signify the US site and a UK flag for its target country.

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Updated: 9th of June 2015

New Irish account for 17% of workforce

New Irish only 17% of workforce

Ireland is a very fast and changing place to do business. According to statistics published by the Chambers of Ireland’s Labour Force survey (2007), 17% of the new Irish workforce is accounted for by foreign workers.

This is much higher than the most recent Central Statistics Office (CSO) figure of 10%.

Polish nationals in Ireland alone account for more than 60,000 of the population. Businesses in Ireland have a new target market with new communication challenges ahead. This increases the demand for Polish translation services from local translation agencies.

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Updated: 11th May 2015

Intro to STAR Translation

Intro to STAR Translation Services

STAR Translation, Dublin, Ireland

Based in Dublin, Ireland, STAR Translation Services provides language translation services that help our customers do more international business, and communicate with more people worldwide.

We translate documents, brochures, software and websites into over 40 languages. With 44 global offices, we help deliver your message to more people worldwide.

STAR Translation Services is a member of the STAR Group and is Europe’s largest privately-held technical translation services company. Our unique combination of language translation services, technology and process delivers industrial strength and technical translation to our customers.

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