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How do you create a good web page?

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Writing for the Web: How do you create a good web page?

This is a great question, and we got some great advice from Maryrose Lyons.

“Writing for the Web” was the title of the presentation given as part of the Innovation Dublin lunchtime talk. With over 13 years of experience in this field, Maryrose gave some really great advice.

Top Five Tips

Maryrose covered five main points on “how to write to be read online.”

  1. All about me, me, me
  2. Make text scannable
  3. Make it “skimmable
  4. Lovely links
  5. Social network style

Let’s get down to business…

All about me, me, me

Your web page should be all about the client. Clients don’t want to read that you have the best technology in the world, they just want to solve their problems. Don’t sell drills, sell the perfect hole.

Make Text Scannable

Your page should be easily scannable by the reader. Use graphics to show the key actions such as “Get our best quote” or “Get a quote here!”

Get our best quote.

Make it easy for your customers to understand what you want them to do on each page. It should have a clear headline: simple and to the point. “Drill the perfect hole” instead of “the most cost-effective drill, durable and great for getting the job done.”

In others words, readers should be able to scan your web page quickly when they arrive on it by using title, subheadings etc., so they know what you can do for them.

Make it “skimmable

Similarly, the text has to be skimmed. To help readers, use bold keywords and short words; get to the point. Write 50% less text. For example, it’s better to write ‘so’ than ‘consequently.’

Lovely Links

Make sure your links are clear and simple. Never type “click here.” It’s better to have the link on the important keywords, but not the focus keyword. To read more about style download the presentation.

Social Network Style

If you want people to share your content on social media remember text is short. Twitter is only 140 characters or less, therefore make sure your content can be shared in this space. Keep it short and simple.

See her entire presentation on Slideshare.

Maryrose Lyons is managing director of Brightspark Consulting, a social media marketing company. Brightspark helps clients define and build online strategies.

The STAR Team

Web Awards 2012, Shortlisted

Web Awards 2012, shortlisted

Web Awards 2012, We’ve been Shortlisted

We are absolutely over the moon to tell you that our Irish language website has been shortlisted for the Web Awards 2012.

We have been nominated in the category “An Suíomh Gaeilge is Fearr”, sponsored by Gaelport.

This year we’ve been working really hard on our Irish. We’re in the process of producing and publishing our focail a day videos (still work to do!). We’ve also added Irish to our blog, check out the latest post on the Fada!.

STAR has a keen interest in the Irish language. We provide English to Irish translation services for county councils, public sector bodies and government departments.

Check out the Web Awards site.

The STAR Team

Blog Awards Finalists

Blog awards finalist 2012

We’re delighted to announce our blog is a finalist in the blog awards Ireland 2012. Yippee!

We’ve put a lot of hard work in this year and it’s great to see it being recognized.

What we find amazing is the quality of work by Irish bloggers. Blogging has become a de facto tool for businesses (and non-businesses too). Everything from gardening, to busy mums, to keeping fit, to car maintenance. The list is virtually endless.

I’ve often asked myself why do people spend so much time blogging? Is it for the money? I doubt it. Personally, I blog for a couple of personal reasons…

  1. Money
    • Yes. Blogging for business is indirectly about money. You need to connect to your customers so they understand you and build a relationship with you, your brand and your company. All directly tied back to revenue. OK, that’s number one, but it’s hard to make any direct money with a blog; it’s all about branding
  2. Fun
    • I actually find blogging fun. You get to experiment and share new ideas with people, test ideas on the Web, and also share funny stories. Its a bit like a club that you don’t know all the members personally but you share some fun stuff together. The best part is that you can find people that share niche humour together.
  3. Legacy
    • Finally for me, it’s legacy. As I wander through the mid-life crisis (Yes, I am that old), you think about what happens in the future. Will my kids, family and friends ever want to look me up on the Web and find out what mad granddad did? Well at least I’ve thought about them and am leaving them some digital crumbs to follow. They’ll see me doing Irish word of the day videos, read my blogs and see some other interesting content. It will give them a few laughs in the future and a view of where they have come from

Did you ever think blogging would be serious and thought-provoking?

The STAR Team

Blog Awards Shortlist, Wish us luck!

Blog Awards Ireland 2012

We’re delighted to tell you our Translation Blog made the shortlist for the Best Blog of and SME category.

It’s great to hear as we work hard to write interesting articles on language and culture, helping you understand the value of translation and boost your international communication skills.

The big night is on 13th of October in Naas. We’re looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on.

The STAR Team

How to say Hard Disk Drive in Irish. Irish word of the day

How do you say Hard Disk Drive in Irish.

This time we’ve chosen a word for the hi-tech people out there, a little out of the ordinary.

Hard Disk Drive in Irish is “Tiomántán Diosca Chrua”.

Literally this means, a Drive of a Disk that is Hard. Its an interesting part of the Irish language and any for that matter that translation can sometimes be difficult as the order, phrasing and structure of the text/words can be different. Translation is never a one to one match, which is the reason it is important to always use professional translators.

If you’d like us to add a word to our “Focail of the day” series drop us a line or comment on our blog, facebook or twitter account. We’ll do our best to add new words as they are requested.

Bye for now from Damian.

Blog Awards Ireland 2012, Nominated

Blog Awards Ireland 2012, nominated

We’re nominated / Blog Awards Ireland 2012

Blog Awards Ireland 2012, We’re Nominated

We’ve been nominated!

The nominations are up and we’ve become a blog awards nominee for 2012 for the Blog Awards 2012 and we’ve made the list. The awards celebrate the best Irish blogs in a variety of categories.

Our blog is up against a number of candidates in the SME sector, so thanks to all our readers and fingers crossed for the next stage.

Blogging can be great fun, but it’s also really hard work. Creating content and putting it together in a form that’s easy to read and interesting for users is a challenge that we love to do. We love language and we have been blogging for a few years now. As language people, we are always looking for the next big thing in communication.

Interestingly, this year, the Blog Awards Ireland 2012 features a Best Blog in an Irish Language category for the first time. As Irish speakers, we have a keen interest in this area and it looks like there are some great sites out there written in Irish every day. What’s interesting is that they also cover serious topics of the day as well as social media trends.

Irish is certainly becoming cooler on the social media side. We’ve certainly noticed that over the last two years more people have been speaking Irish. Steady growth and having Irish softly integrated into our society is good for the language and its culture.

Best of luck to all the nominees and we look forward to the big awards night.

The STAR Team

Dublin Says Hello

Dublin says hello, STAR

Dublin Says Hello on 16th of August / STAR Translation logo

Dublin Says Hello, STAR!

To celebrate Dublin Says Hello, we’ve joined in to say hello as well. For today, we’ve changed our company logo to add a friendly hello to show our contribution.

The idea is great and amazingly simple. All you have to do is simply say hello to a stranger when you pass them today. It’s a simple idea, but a great way cheer up people. The idea is to spread a positive feeling amongst people.

To help you on your way, here are a few hellos for you in different languages.

  • Ciao = Italian
  • Dia dhuit = Irish
  • Hallo = German
  • Olá = Portuguese
  • Hola = Spanish
  • здравствуйте = Russian
  • Dzień dobry = Polish
  • Dobrý den = Slovak
  • Bonjour = French

Watch our video on how to say hello in Irish

The STAR Team

Vote For Your Favorite Language Twitter Account

Language Lovers 2012 nominees
Language Lovers 2012 nominee — STAR Translation

We were nominated for Language Lovers 2012 / STAR Translation Imaging

Language Lovers 2012 Nominee

We are in competition for the Top languages Lovers of 2012. We are nominated among 100 Twitter accounts, and now we need your votes to make a difference.

Visit Language Lovers and click on the button for STAR Translation Dublin. It’s quick and easy.

This competition has been created to reward all bloggers, Facebookers and Tweeters whose interest is in Irish, language and all things translation.

As you might know, as a translation company, we are constantly looking for news, tips and information about language and translation. We share everything through this blog, but also through our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We provide grammar tips, videos to learn a few words in Irish and any breaking news regarding language and translation.

We love language and we love sharing with people interested in the subject, too.

Last but not least, we are helping companies increase their businesses abroad with our translation services. It’s great to make the world a more connected and happier place. Indeed, we translate all forms of technical documentation and websites into over 45 languages.

Our translators are all native speakers certified for their translation skills. We are ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certified. That means that we are recognized for our expertise and the quality of our services.

So what is your favorite language Twitter account now?

The STAR Team

Sockies at the Mansion House

Sockies 2012

If you were tweeting around Dublin last night, you would have seen the Sockies hashtag trending.

This is the hashtag for the Social Media Awards 2012. As finalists, we attended the grand ceremony last night at the Mansion House. We were up against OMG Jedward’s Dream Factory on TRTÉ, @Lokofotodotcom, Saint Patrick’s Day and Captain Morgan — Dare the Captain! for the Best PR Campaign.

As you can imagine, the competition was tough. We lost against Jedward. It is not really losing, is it? No matter what the result, we were really delighted to hear “And the nominees are: STAR Translation and Jedward!”

You could just about hear our name amongst the cheers for the nominees as they came up on the big screen.

This is our first time being a finalist in such an event. We enjoyed every moment of it. Plus we got to chat with the other nominees.

It was great to meet our competitors, customers and partners. We also met blogger Amanda from; the event organizer, Damien Mulley and the famous Rick O’Shea and many other hosts.

Looking forward to next year already.

See the photos of the event on our Facebook Page.

The STAR Team

Social Media Awards 2012, Nominated

Social Media Awards 2012 nominated

Social Media Awards 2012, Nomination /Sockies

We have been recently nominated for the Bord Gáis Social Media Awards 2012.

100 judges took part in the shortlist process. The final list will be revealed next week but we are already very pleased to announce our nomination for this national event. We have been nominated in 4 categories:

The winners will be announced at the finale ceremony which will takes place at the Mansion House in Dublin on 17th of May 2012.

Taking part in this special event and being nominated means a lot to STAR. It is the chance to be recognized for our hard work. For those who are following us, you might have noticed that we are indeed very active through our blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and even our YouTube channel to provide our customers and partners with the best tips regarding translation, languages and Irish.

STAR was formed in 2002, since then we do our best to help our customers grow their business. This is why this year STAR has focused so much on social media. We want to inform our customer that we are always here and ready to help their business to grow worldwide.

We already know that the competition will be tough since we are up against Jedward in one of them for instance. View all the nominations and find the latest information on Social Media Awards.

The STAR Team