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What is a Conlanger?

A Conlanger is a person who creates languages (Con-Language= constructed language)

Are you familiar with “Game of Thrones” and its languages Dothraki and Valyrian?

Russian Translation – Numbers and Phrases

Learn to count in Russian. Basic everyday phrases for Russian beginners.

Top 10 Countries that speak the most languages

It is Papua New Guinea. It’s a country of only 462,840 square kilometers with a population of just over seven million. Despite its small size, it has an incredible linguistic diversity with 820 languages ​​spoken.

New Languages Supported in Transit NXT Service Pack 9

New languages supported in Transit NXT Service Pack 9 include Tajik, Pashto, Dari, Maori (NZ), Breton, Corsican, American Spanish and International Spanish.

The Ultimate Language Quiz | Test yourself

Test your knowledge of languages with our Ultimate Language Quiz. Answer 12 multiple-choice questions in a language-related theme.