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French Idioms and their English meanings

An idiom is a phrase or an expression that has a figurative,…

Russian Translation – Numbers and Phrases

Learn to count in Russian and some basic everyday phrases.

Top 10 Countries that speak the most languages

Which country has the largest number of languages ​​spoken?At…
European parliament, English not official language after Brexit

English not an official language after Brexit

European parliament hemicycle in Strasbourg / Image credit:…
Gaeltacht sign in An Ghaeltacht

English translations anger Gaeltacht

An Ghaeltacht sign in the region / Image credit: TCDGaeltacht…
STAR Translation Services logo

New Languages Supported in Transit NXT Service Pack 9

Transit NXT Service Pack 9 ushers new languages to its arsenal New…
Pikachu in Hong Kong

Pikachu rename angers Hong Kong

Pikachu toys line the shelves – its worldwide success expands…
Coleslaw and dips, Irish

9 Irish Language Translations, so bad they’re good

9 Hilarious Irish Language Translations The Irish language is…
IEDR, Irish Web addresses showing fadas

Web Addresses showing Fadas to Become Reality

Ireland's Domain Registry / IEDR website Irish Registry Domain…