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Expanding Our Offices

Our company has grown a lot this year and we’re expanding our office space; hiring new people in the process as well.

With this great growth, we’ve added over 70 new customers this year alone.

This growth means we need to hire more people and we’re working hard expanding: we’ve five new job openings!

If you’re a sales agent, a Web designer, project manager or an Irish language researcher, then check out our jobs web page.

New office space with desks

We’ve been working on our new offices: the network connections have been established and the phone lines are just about to be plugged in. Wonder where my desk will be?

New office space

A cool new feature will be our white board wall. The Small Wall Paint company in Dublin have a really cool surface paint that turns any wall into a whiteboard!

Next step: painting our large wall with the Smart Wall Paint. It will be so cool!

The STAR Team

Student Internships, Translation Project Management, 2012

Student internships, translation project management

Student internships for 2012 / Stock photo

Student Internships, John us

We are accepting student internships in translation project management for 2012. Work with STAR Translation for 2012 / 2013.

We are looking for new students to join us in September in Dublin. We offer internships for translation students wishing to do a 5- to 6-month internship in translation project management.

Work with one of the world’s largest translation companies.

For details, visit our Translation Jobs page.

The STAR Team

Cá bhfuil an obair? Jobs in Irish

Damian Scattergood being interviewed by Irish students, jobs in Irish

Damian being interviewed by students / STAR Translation Imaging

Cá Bhfuil an Obair? WDAR Radio 96FM, launches a new radio series highlighting job opportunities in Irish and interviewed STAR Translation.

On Tuesday the 29th of May 2012: ‘Cá Bhfuil an Obair?, a four-part bilingual radio series exploring career possibilities available through the Irish language.

Irish in the Working Environment

Produced and presented by 4th and 5th year students from the gaelscoil Coláiste Chilliain, Clondalkin and Saint Dominic’s Girls’ Secondary School in Ballyfermot, each half hour programme will focus on a different area of work where the ability to use the Irish language is a major advantage.

The areas covered are translation; education; communications and media; and to also promote the Irish language. The series is aimed at students of Junior and Leaving Certificate level and is produced in association with West Dublin Access Radio.

‘Cá Bhfuil an Obair?’ will be broadcast each morning at 10:30 from Tuesday the 29th of May to Friday the 1st of June.

Programme 1: Translation, 10:30 on Tuesday 29th May
Our reporters visited our offices in Dublin to find out about life as a translator, interviewing Damian Scattergood, the company’s managing director and language staff.
Program 2: Education, 10:30 on Wednesday 30th May
Teachers from the reporters’ schools talk about teaching in both English and Irish speaking schools.
Program 3: Communications and Media, 10:30 on Thursday 30th May
A visit to Stillwater Communications in Dublin, provided our reporters with an insight into how the Irish language thrives in the world of media.
Program 4: Promoting the Irish Language, 10:30 on Friday 1st June
The ‘Cá Bhfuil an Obair?’ team find out about the type of work opportunities available in promoting the Irish language, as well as potential careers in other areas using Irish.

“We are delighted to work with WDAR on this community project. Irish is still a thriving language and this series shows how the language is used in everyday life.” “Irish is actually our 3rd most popular language into which we translate.” — Damian Scattergood

Share this article with your friends to aid in their Irish language skills. We hope to have a lot of listeners on Tuesday to give us as much feedback as possible.

We are always looking to improve our content. Leave a comment with your opinion about the interview or drop a suggestion regarding translation or languages.

The STAR Team

STAR Interview with WDAR Radio

STAR Translation and WDAR radio and students

Damian being interviewed by Irish students at 96FM WDAR

WDAR Radio Interview, Irish Language

On Friday 30th of March, Damian Scattergood and Phil Guthrie from STAR Translation were interviewed by students with WDAR 96FM Radio.

They talked about Irish, translation and jobs in translation for the show Cá Bhfuil an Obair?. Lauren and Amy asked a number of interesting questions about working in the translation industry such as…

  • what jobs are available in translation?
  • what skills do translators need to have?
  • to what extent is Irish important to your business?
  • how do I learn about Irish for translators?
  • how do I get a job in a translation company like STAR?

We were very impressed by their confidence and the quality of the interview. Then we did our best to answer all of their questions both in Irish and English.

The radio program will be broadcast in the coming weeks as part of the programme, Cá Bhfuil an Obair?. We will let you know when it will be on air so you can listen to it.

Thanks to them for coming to STAR and we look forward to hearing the final version of the interview. Good Luck to Amy and Lauren!

The STAR Team

Enda Kenny’s Business Visit to China

Enda Kenny visits China for talks on further economic cooperation between the two states

Kenny starts four-day business trip to China

Business Visit to China

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny is on the last of his four-day visit to China. He is joining a trade mission involving 90 companies from Ireland. The purpose of Kenny’s current visit to China is to encourage economic and trade collaboration between Ireland and China.

Ireland has advantages which China can benefit from and China represents a vast market for Irish goods and services.

Irish companies are engaged in a continuous dynamic process of transformation centred on innovation and internationalization.

“Both Ireland and China have moved rapidly toward a knowledge-based economy built on innovation and technology and our companies have all the elements for working closer together”, stated The Irish President.

Irish culture is very popular in China and there is a great interest in Ireland among Chinese tour operators. There are also great links and possibilities in the education sector.

Mr Kenny’s visit follows the recent visit to Ireland of Xi Jinping, vice-president of China. Mr Xi said he was “deeply impressed” by his recent visit to Ireland and that he had “many pleasant memories of the warm welcome” he received in Ireland last month, reported RTÉ World News.

The STAR Team

Software Developer Job: PHP, MySQL, HTML

Software Developer Job, Dublin

We are currently seeking a software developer with knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML and more for ongoing development and maintenance of our current Project Management database and Web Translation Portal.

For more details, visit our Jobs page.

The STAR Team

Positivity is infectious

Positivity is infectious, be positive

After attending The Docklands Business Forum social networking event last night for the first time, I can say that positivity is infectious. And yes, spot the new guy as I had arrived 20 minutes early!

The Dockland Business Forum is a group full of like-minded business people working together to promote a thriving business community across Dublin´s Docklands.

The guest speaker at the networking event was Bobby Kerr, Chairman of Insomnia Coffee. Kerr presented ‘Down to Business’, a Sunday business breakfast show on Newstalk and is a Dragon on RTÉ’s Dragons’ Den. Kerr exudes positivity and charm and he transferred this positivity to each and every one of us at the event.

His top ten tips for success included how to be positive (and surround yourself with positive people); have a plan and stick with it as it will get better; have a product or service that people want and will buy; and get a mentor.

But for me, his advice to “stick with it as it will get better” really stood out.

It is this type of positivity that reassures businesses to stick with it and face these hard times head on, which will eventually lead to better times. You don’t have to do it alone as communities like the Docklands Business Forum allow all us to share and promote positivity.

Successful business is all about community, people buy from people they like. Positive networking encourages more open business.

The Docklands Business Forum is always looking for new members. Join us at the next networking event.

Dominick Branigan, Business Development Executive

The STAR Team

Hiring: Sales Superstars, Jobs

The STAR Translation Services logo, hiring sales superstars

We are hiring, Sales Superstars

We already have a long track record of success selling translation services in Ireland and the UK. And now, we are looking to expand our sales team.

Earn 30k if you are average, 50k plus if you are a star. This is in the translation services business and we are seeking to hire star performers.

Training provided for suitable candidates. Small base of 19k, but great performance rewards included. You must be awesome at opening doors and getting appointments from a “cold start“.

Must be highly self-motivated; a terrific presenter and communicator and a professional closer.

Come and build your own empire within our professional services company. We have a superb reputation and are looking for sales stars to bring in the best accounts.

Applicants should submit their CV through our Jobs page.

The STAR Team

New Irish account for 17% of workforce

New Irish only 17% of workforce

Ireland is a very fast and changing place to do business. According to statistics published by the Chambers of Ireland’s Labour Force survey (2007), 17% of the new Irish workforce is accounted for by foreign workers.

This is much higher than the most recent Central Statistics Office (CSO) figure of 10%.

Polish nationals in Ireland alone account for more than 60,000 of the population. Businesses in Ireland have a new target market with new communication challenges ahead. This increases the demand for Polish translation services from local translation agencies.

The STAR Team

Updated: 11th May 2015