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Sourcing Products From China

Chirl Sourcing Solutions

Something we are often asked as a translation provider is if we can advise companies on how to source products from China.

One company we have worked with who specialize in this area is Chirl Sourcing Solutions.

Chirl Sourcing is a leading,experienced and innovative expert in sourcing products and components for clients who want to improve their profits With offices in Ireland and China, Chirl sources high quality product at low cost. Currently our strongest growth area is the mobile phone accessory and promotional industries, but also we are helping a lot of companies with new inventions from concept to a mass produced product.


Source products in China with Chirl Sourcing Solutions

An example of their work with SECA Innovations: Chirl’s client, SECA Innovations, the patent holder of the multi-hook tape measure, enlisted the help of Chirl to turn his patented invention into a reality.

Within four weeks Chirl had assisted SECA Innovations in engineering the tape hook and designing an ergonomic housing unique to the multi-hook tape. Chirl were entrusted with turning sketches and prototypes into 3D drawings and renderings, tooling the product for manufacture, manufacturing the tape, strict quality control monitoring and distribution of this unique product.

Chirl’s objective is to save your company’s valuable resources, both time and money, and we do this by providing the following services:

  • Sourcing products to your specification
  • Contract negotiations including technical translations from English to Chinese
  • Factory inspections
  • Manufacturing supervision
  • Shipment inspections
  • Logistics and delivery
  •  Value-added services

Chirl Sourcing understands the differences in culture and business practices between Ireland and China. Due to this we can extract the value and quality that China has to offer. Our negotiations are direct with the manufacturers which are certified to ISO 9001 and / or industry specific certification.

For more information, contact Ray Doyle on (01) 877 4444.

Visit Chirl Sourcing Solutions, LinkedIn

We provide English to Chinese translation services to help our customers grow their business in the Asian market.

The STAR Team

Product Innovator: Product Management Training

Product Management Training Course, London

If you are developing products to sell around the world, you might be interested in Product Innovators, Product Management course being run in London this September.

Product Innovator is delighted to announce that they will be running their first Product Management course on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th

Their intensive 2-day product management training course instructs on the product management lifecycle. The course highlights processes and tasks that are essential for companies who bring new products or services to market or who want to review a current product or service.

The Product Innovator approach is hands-on and practical. Exercises and discussions are based around the needs of the participants, backed up with templates and examples. Expect to return to your office armed with tools, skills and concepts that will have an immediate impact on your business.

The cost of the course is £1,200: Group discounts are also available.

For information on booking or to learn more about product management, contact: Mary Ryan, Director of Product Innovator Ltd. Phone: +353 (0)1 887 5183; Moble: +353 (0)87 235 2798;

We and our partners work with customer around the globe helping them position, translate and sell to an international audience.

If you are preparing to go global with a new product, you should check out our Marketing services.

An excerpt of the free translation whitepaper is available.

The STAR Team

Web Globalization Management Certificate

Certificate in Web Globalization Management

In an ever-changing and well-networked international economy, there is a growing demand to stay on top of international business and technology trends and practices. The Executive Online Certificate in Web Globalization Management offered by the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University, offers professionals the opportunity to learn cutting edge skills to conduct international business online in a well-networked, international economy.

It’s an ideal program for anyone looking to gain valuable Web globalization management skills to succeed in a dynamic, international economy.

Designed for professionals involved in international business, information technology, e-commerce, marketing, communications, translation and general e-business, the program provides the skills necessary to improve capabilities for achieving global success through culturally consistent global communications, as well as the skills needed to plan, develop and maintain multilingual and multinational websites.

Get ahead by taking your web globalization management skills to the next level in this new program designed by top academics and experts.

Learn more about the program that allows you to earn an executive certificate from your own home, at your own convenience: visit the John Cook School of Business, Saint Louis University.

The STAR Team

Cloud Translation, cheap translation?

The big race is on to develop the winning cloud translation system but I sometimes debate whether this is a good game to play.

Firstly – You should be concerned around  where the data is stored. What legal Jurisdiction is it in?   If your product information sensitive? Are there countries that you might not want that information to be visible? or stored in? The US government have restrictions on certain industries and what countries they can do business with. Cloud translation makes this audit trail difficult.

If your product information is sensitive do you want it stored in a cloud? where you may not know what country the data centre is in? Translation servers can be anywhere, so always ask your cloud vendor where they are.

Secondly: Who has access to this data? Again this varies from vendor to vendor. Is the translation memory your property or theirs? If you change vendor are you lost?

Thirdly: Cloud means lots of people can work together which is great. however consider this – are the same team working on your projects? or just the next free translator? So does cloud computing deliver consistent results? Right now I think this is the biggest challenge for translation in the cloud.

Cloud translation is the next wave coming down, exciting but as with all new technology the early days will have a few speed bumps.

Newsletter March 2011

Newsletter March 2011, Translation and Localization

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

We are delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded with the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification.

With close to 10 years experience providing professional translation services the ISO standard is a further stamp of approval on the quality services we provide.

More Online

Dyslexic Friendly Spelling Game

We recently announced our sponsorship of Spelling Rules a free game online to help dyslexic children improve their spelling.

Developed by Claire McNelis a Digital Media graduate in Galway, “Spelling Rules” was created as an online game that would teach spelling rules in a way that was simple and accessible for dyslexic people without being too academic.

Play Now

New Web Translation Portal

February saw the release of our new translation portal. The new portal allows clients to access up to date status updates on their projects so they know where each language is.

Have you tried it yet? We plan to expand the site in the coming months so try it out and please feel free to drop us a line with feedback and ideas you may have to make your life easier.

STAR Translation Cloud

For The Engineers

Here is a great site from Bryan at Paperfoldabales. Obviously an amazing talent at paper design and engineering. Whether you are 5 or 55, we think the engineer in you will enjoy this site.

Big Files For Translation?

Did you know we have a secure server that you can upload enormous files to? Working with large files can be a challenge so you can upload anything up to a 2 gigabyte file directly on our website now.

Upload your files for quotation here.

The STAR Team

Social Media Club Seminar on Social CRM

Social Media Club Seminar, Enterprise Ireland

Yesterday we attended Enterprise Ireland’s Social Media Club seminar, Best Connected Enterprise Ireland, which was held in Dublin’s East Point Business Park.

The seminar, which started at 12:15 and ended at 14:00, opened our eyes and gave us new ideas for STAR Translation. The hot topics included:

  • establishing an internal governance strategy to build relationships online through social media
  • identifying the best social media tools and platforms
  • carrying out global communications on a small budget by using social media
  • successful B2B social media marketing

Patrick Murphy the CEO of SiliconCloud,  Ed Grant the CEO of MX Sweep and Naylla Kassam the marketing manager of MX Sweep started with the main presentation.

Also, Dr Theo Lynn, director of the DCU LINK Research Centre and Maeve Desmond, gave a short presentation on the power social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have on companies and how we should use this power to bring more traffic to our websites without it costing us an arm and a leg!

The STAR Team

New Aerlingus Route Dublin to Stuttgart

Some good news for Irish Exporters traveling to Germany.

Aer Lingus have just announced that they have started its direct route from Dublin to Stuttgart on the 27th March 2011.  The German Irish Chamber of Commerce have actively lobbied for this route and its great to see they have  successfully achieved it.

Dublin-Stuttgart will operate three times per week and Dublin-Perpignan twice weekly from the end of March.

Taking Care of Business with the HSA

Last week we attended the Health and Safety Authority’s “Taking Care of Business” expo. An excellent event run in the new Dublin Convention Centre, Spencer Dock.

BeSmart Risk Assessment Launch:

The event launched  the new “BeSmart Risk Assessment Tool” which we’ve been using and found to be a extremely useful tool. The tool helps you easily and quickly define a Safety Statement for your business alonside a Risk Assessment policy and action list.  Produced by the HSA it outlines and complies with all the latest legislation here in Ireland.

Launch of HSA BeSmart Risk Assessment Tool

Launch of HSA BeSmart Risk Assessment Tool

You can login anonymously or create an account so you can use/update your statement on an ongoing basis.

Also at the expo we came across a number of other items of interest.

Health and Safety Review:

For this involved in managing any substantional operation the Health and Safety Review is a monthly publication on all cases and legislation updates.

Alongside demonstrations of sample environments Dublin Fire Brigade was available and thanks to them for the advice on correct use of Fire detection systems.

Enterprise Ireland was at hand to discuss funding for companies who are required to achieve Environmental Compliance for their products for export. So if you need ISO 9002  or ISO 14001 you should contact the Environmental Unit at Enterprise Ireland.

Google search changes in algorithm

We see Google has changed its search algorithm again today. Its interesting that they say the change is subtle and only affects 11.8% of their searchs. By my reckoning that a lot of search content.

The main change is around reducing popularity of sites that are not great content and contain lower quality text. I fully commend Google on this as webscraping and low quality content has certainly been on the increase in the last few years.

The change has only just been released in the US ( and they will roll it out across the world following review of the impact on US search results.

For the official release on the update visit Google Blog.

E-commerce is major contributor to UK economy

The Internet economy in the UK was worth £100 billion last year, representing 7.2% of GDP and putting the industry ahead of construction, transport and utilities.

According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group and commissioned by Google, the UK is now the world’s leading country for e-commerce and a net exporter of e-commerce goods and services, exporting £2.80 for every £1 imported.

The study surveyed over 900 SMEs (small and medium-size enterprises) and found that companies that actively use the Internet reported overall sales growth more than four times greater than that of less active companies. The number of British adults who bought goods or services online in the past year totalled 31 million, or 62% of all adults. Read the press release at