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Vinnie Jones demonstrates hands-only CPR, British Heart Foundation

Hands-only CPR

We support this great advertising campaign for hands-only CPR by the British Heart Foundation. It’s the latest campaign to show how to save someone’s life using CPR.

What we really like is that it uses a number of techniques to teach the system i.e. audio and video. And it hits you with toe-tapping music, plus celebrity Vinnie Jones to get the message home.

Watch. Learn. Save a Life

Vinnie Jones showing the use of hands-only CPR.

Congratulations on a great system!

For more information, visit the British Heart Foundation.

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Taking Care of Business with the HSA

Last week we attended the Health and Safety Authority’s “Taking Care of Business” expo. An excellent event run in the new Dublin Convention Centre, Spencer Dock.

BeSmart Risk Assessment Launch:

The event launched  the new “BeSmart Risk Assessment Tool” which we’ve been using and found to be a extremely useful tool. The tool helps you easily and quickly define a Safety Statement for your business alonside a Risk Assessment policy and action list.  Produced by the HSA it outlines and complies with all the latest legislation here in Ireland.

Launch of HSA BeSmart Risk Assessment Tool

Launch of HSA BeSmart Risk Assessment Tool

You can login anonymously or create an account so you can use/update your statement on an ongoing basis.

Also at the expo we came across a number of other items of interest.

Health and Safety Review:

For this involved in managing any substantional operation the Health and Safety Review is a monthly publication on all cases and legislation updates.

Alongside demonstrations of sample environments Dublin Fire Brigade was available and thanks to them for the advice on correct use of Fire detection systems.

Enterprise Ireland was at hand to discuss funding for companies who are required to achieve Environmental Compliance for their products for export. So if you need ISO 9002  or ISO 14001 you should contact the Environmental Unit at Enterprise Ireland.

Accessible services for people with sight loss

Accessible services for the visually impaired

The National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI) provide useful guidelines on making services more accessible for people with sight loss or visual impairment.

Specialized support services are available to help businesses meet the needs of those who are blind or visually impaired. For example, awareness training brings a greater understanding of the issues around sight loss and how to make services more accessible.

Accessible Technologies

Visually impaired people may not be able to access information or services due to inaccessible websites, or poor quality displays and touchscreens. Although the Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT) provides information, education and assistance in developing accessible websites.

Accessibility Audit

Undergoing an access audit of your premises may highlight certain aspects that make it difficult for people with sight loss to find their way around independently. Low-cost, simple adaptations can make premises more accessible and safer. For further infomation, contact NCBI.

The guidelines and advice mentioned above were extracted from the ISME website. ISME is an independent association for Irish Small And Medium-sized Business Enterprises. ISME provides business training, advice and mentoring services to companies throughout Ireland.

ISME membership is a cost-effective way for SME owners to continually update on issues that impact their businesses and networks, with like-minded business people.

Interested in becoming a member? Contact Sue Ellis, Business Development Officer, ISME, Independent Business Organization, 17 Kildare Street, Dublin 2; Telephone: +353 1 662 2755

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Reference: ISME.IE

Health and Safety Law and Practice

Health and Safety law and practice, HSA

On Friday 15th October, Lord Young, the British Prime Minister’s Adviser on Health and Safety Law and Practice, published his highly-anticipated report Common Sense, Common Safety, which examines the impact of health and safety regulations on businesses and personal freedom.

The report puts forward a series of policies for improving the perception of health and safety to ensure it is taken seriously by employers and the general public. All of the recommendations made have been accepted by David Cameron and Lord Young will work across departments to ensure his recommendations are implemented.

One recommendation was to simplify the risk assessment procedure for low-hazard workplaces such as offices, classrooms and shops. EssentialSkillz commends Lord Young for his recommendations for reform in this area. In particular, as a provider of low-cost solutions for low-hazard workplaces for the past 10 years, they were pleased to hear him advocate the use of simple interactive online solutions for health and safety compliance for the future.

The HSA immediately published an interactive risk assessment tool on their website for low-hazard workplaces. HSA hazards assesment.

The tool will take you through the key areas of concern for low-Hazard Workplaces which are…

  • slips and trips
  • manual handling
  • working at height
  • well-being of workers
  • computers, laptops and similar equipment
  • fire
  • work equipment

Source: EssentialSkillz

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