The Valentine’s Day tag features blog posts about the international holiday of Saint Valentine. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th of February annually.


For your Valentine: An Italian Love Song

Ti Amo, Italian love song

Ti Amo!

Sing-Along: Italian Love Song

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, we’ve become very sentimental at STAR Translation today.

One of our Project Managers wanted to share a verse from a favourite Italian love song of hers to spread the message of love to all of you out there.

Give it a go; try to read the Italian…

Original, Italian Version

Io ti cercherò negli occhi delle donne
che nel mondo incontrero’
e dentro quegli sguardi mi ricordero’ di noi…
chissa’ se si chiamava amore…

English Translation

“I will look for you in all the women’s eyes
that I’ll meet in the world, and in their eyes I will remember us
Who knows if we could call that love.”

By Lorenzo Jovanotti, Io ti cercherò

Listen out for the lyrics (above) in Jovanotti’s song:

Do you have a favourite love song, poem or quote you’d like to share with us? Post it in the comments below. We’d love to hear it.

The STAR Team

Say I love you in different languages, Valentine’s Day

I love you in different languages, Valentine's Day

Say I love you in different languages this Valentine’s Day

I Love Yous, Valentine’s Day History

Observed on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day is a day for all the lovers in the world to express their love for one another by offering flowers, sending greetings cards and exchanging gifts and confectionery.

This most intimate day of the year goes back to the High Middle Ages (often in reference to romantic love) when the tradition of courtly love flourished. Courtly love was a medieval Europe conception of love based on chivalry and nobility. Then, in the 18th century, it slowly evolved into the Valentine’s we know today.

In the early 19th century, handwritten letters were given to admired ones. Not only adults but children once received Valentine’s symbols, typically heart-shaped keys, to unlock the giver’s heart.


This year’s Valentine’s Day will be no exception. What will you do to mark the occasion with your loved ones?

Download our poster on how to say I love you in five romantic languages.

And learn how to pronounce them in many other languages for your Valentine.

The STAR Team

I love you in different languages

We’ve a new video that teaches you how to say I love you in different languages for Valentine’s Day

Those Special Words

If you want to say “I love you” or “Will you marry me” to that special person this Valentine’s Day, Star can help you do it in style.  Today sees the launch of our short video dedicated to lovers this Valentine’s Day. It tells you how to say “I love you” in Irish, Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, German and English. For more languages the company has a dedicated web page on which you can also find how to say “I love you” and “Will you marry me?” in 28 languages. All the languages are provided as audio files in MP3 format to listen to for free, and the video is available both on YouTube and on our website.

Happy Valentine's Day!

“How to say I love you in different languages”

“The project has been realised with the participation of my own children Emma, Sophie and Nathan who are the voices of the video”. It was fun teaching Sophie how to speak Japanese as she is only 10. We all worked hard and had fun”, says Damian Scattergood, Managing Director of STAR Translation.

Valentine’s Day represents the opportunity to celebrate love at the same time everywhere in the world. We created this cute video to spread some smiles and happiness across the world. This is our contribution to this special day.” said Stella, our PR executive on behalf of the company. “We enjoyed doing this video and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

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