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STAR Group Donates Transit to Universities in Ho Chi Minh City

STAR Group Donates Transit NXT to Universities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The STAR Group donates Transit to two universities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They will receive Transit NXT as part of their CAT software tools; the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and Hoa Sen University.

Josef Zibung, president of the STAR Group in Ramsen, Switzerland paid visit to Ho Chi Minh City to present the STAR Transit NXT suite.

Since STAR also operates in Vietnam, they will be providing full support to the faculties involved in implementing training and use of Transit to students.

We provide Vietnamese translation of websites, brochures and documents to all our customers.

The STAR Team

Welcoming Students of Université Lille 3

Our MD presents STAR, welcoming students of université lille 3

Our MD presented STAR to students / STAR Translation Imaging

Welcoming Students of Université Lille 3 to STAR

On Wednesday 12th of February, 17 students and their teacher of the Specialized Translation (multilingual) Master’s course paid a visit to our headquarters in Dublin, as part of welcoming tour. There is the prospect that some of the students from the visit will return to fulfill an internship and gain valuable work experience in their chosen field, i.e. specialized translation. Our director at STAR Translation Services, Damian Scattergood personally welcomed the French students to our business campus. The aim of the visit was to enlighten new professionals of the translation industry and also show them how STAR goes about its daily routine. Students from the university were invited to present their course and all its modules, discussing key subjects such as globalization, which is necessary in today’s market sectors as more and more translations are required for a merging world. Internship experience is important for these students; STAR offers them the chance to grow and to enable them to become more visible to prospective employers in the future.

STAR presentation to French Master's students
Questions and answers

STAR and Lille University

STAR, in co-operation with the University of Lille 3, allows students to realise their potential. Lille students asked questions to the staff at STAR on translation project management services. These students will either become professional translators, project managers or localization engineers in the translation industry. Vital work experience offered by STAR will ensure that some of these young professionals will choose which career suits them the best. Damian introduced our visitors to STAR with an in-depth presentation of the company and discussed:

  • its market sectors
  • translation technology
  • globalization techniques
  • STAR’s main customers
French Master's students giving their presentation to STAR

The masters students present their course and learning

Opportunities like this one will strengthen ties between STAR and potential in-country translators. Some of our visitors may become translators having been introduced to STAR and may become future translation employees. Since all our translators are native speakers, we aim to develop a long-term relationship with them. Other topics discussed were STAR’s professional background and its certifications: ISO 9001:2008. ISO 9001 recognizes us as a certified translation provider. This is a guarantee that the processes we use provide an effective service for our customers.

A guided tour of STAR's Dublin offices
Touring STAR offices

After a healthy presentation and talk, our visitors were given a guided tour of the STAR offices and a chance to meet our employees. Our managing director Damian was once again answering questions asked by teachers and students alike. Areas covered in the tour were the sales office, the production offices and a formal greeting from our director Paul Quigley. A big thank you to all the Master’s students from the Specialized Translation (multilingual) course at Lille 3 University.

The STAR Team

Université Lille 3 Visits STAR Dublin

Welcome to the students from Université Lille 3

Group shot / STAR Translation Imaging

Université Lille 3 Visits STAR Dublin

19 french students from the Master TSM of Université Lille 3 came to visit our offices at STAR Translation Services Dublin with 4 of their teachers on Thursday. The group study languages and translation and in their last year of Masters in Specialised Translation. Their visit was to learn more about the professional translation industry and how they can advance their career in the world of translation. Most of them will become translators, project managers or localization engineers in the language industry. STAR was delighted to welcome them to our facilities and share our knowledge and experience with them.


Masters students take a tour of our offices

After visiting our offices, accompanied by Damian Scattergood, they took the opportunity to present their Masters programme. Three of the students spoke publicly about their class, the tools they learn to use and their career opportunities. We had some interesting questions for them about their main concerns as students ready to enter the employment market. On one hand, as globalization is a common criteria to develop business, they feel that the market always needs more and more translation.

On the other hand, the translation sector attracts many experienced professionals and applicants. Hence the necessity to develop their work experience and their visibility to prospective employers. They are aware that they have to differentiate themselves in the market to achieve their career goals.

Following our very active discussion and talk about translation at STAR, we are sure that they have all the skills they need to realise their ambitions and potential. The university is very active and gives students an excellent background in all important areas of translation, localization and software technology.

Industry experience is also part of the masters, which really benefits the students’ career prospects.

Presentation of the Master MST Université Lille 3

Presentation time


Damian Scattergood, managing director of STAR Dublin also talked about STAR Translation. After presenting the company, their main customers and the different range of services provided by STAR, he explained the work involved in running a translation agency. STAR focuses on people to ensure a quality service, process to ensure accurate translation and technology to ensure consistent results.

All our translators are native speaker and we aim to develop a long-term relationship with them. Besides, we are ISO 9001 certified as a translation provider, which is a guarantee that the process we use provides an effective service for our customers.

We were asked about the certifications we had and also about economic questions regarding the impact that the global financial crisis had on our business, and the way we view outsourcing. There was a very interesting debate around this. We also discussed the challenges becoming a translator in a more and more technological world, since automatic translation systems like the Google translator become more sophisticated.


Damian presents STAR to Lille 3

We regularly welcome students for internships. Through the years, we have developed a range of partnerships with colleges and universities to contribute to the training of students. They have the opportunity to work alongside our professional translators and gain experience in the translation business. We wish a big thank you to all the students and teachers from Université Lille 3 for a sharing their students’ experiences with us.

If you are interested in applying for an internship at our company, submit your application on our Jobs at STAR page.

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Translation Technology Courses

Translation Technology courses, Imperial College London

The Department of Humanities at Imperial College London has offered several one-day translation technology courses in a variety of areas since 2003.

The courses, which range from terminology management to translation memory systems, are aimed at translators and other language professionals.

All courses are taught by knowledgeable trainers who are also involved in a Master’s in scientific, technical and medical translation with translation technology (MSc Trans) and whose expertise in each specific area guarantees the quality, content and delivery of each course.

For further details, visit Imperial College London.

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