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Windows 10 and Transit NXT

Upgrading to Windows 10 and Transit NXT

Windows 10 and Transit NXT

Using Transit NXT and thinking of upgrading to Windows 10? Here’s what to do…

Upgrade to Windows 10, keep Transit NXT

When you upgrade your computer to Windows 10, please consider the following:

  • keep personal files and apps (selected by default)
  • keep personal files only
  • do nothing

During the upgrade process, Windows OS will display a window prompting you to choose what you want to keep.

It is absolutely necessary that you select “Keep personal files and apps” – already selected by default.

Otherwise Windows will remove your Transit NXT installation (and its activation and all other programs) from your computer, prior to installation.

Upgrade auf MS Windows 10

Beachten Sie Folgendes, wenn Sie ein Upgrade Ihres Computers auf Windows 10 durchführen:

Während des Upgrade-Prozesses, zeigt Windows ggf. ein Fenster an, in dem Sie auswählen sollen, was Sie beibehalten möchten.

  • Persönliche Dateien und Apps beibehalten (standardmäßig ausgewählt)
  • Nur persönliche Dateien beibehalten
  • Nichts

Es ist unbedingt notwendig, dass Sie die Einstellung “Persönliche Dateien und Apps beibehalten” ausgewählt lassen!

Anderenfalls entfernt Windows Ihre Transit NXT-Installation und Aktivierung (und alle anderen Programme) von Ihrem Computer, bevor Windows 10 installiert wird.

The STAR Team

Image: Windows logo, copyright of Microsoft

LRC Best Thesis Award 2013

LRC Best Thesis Award 2013

LRC Best Thesis Award 2013

Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland

Applications are currently being accepted for the LRC Best Thesis Award 2013.

This award, sponsored by Microsoft Ireland, is an annual award given to the author of the best research publication in an area relevant to global content development, internationalisation and localisation.

Students who have completed a thesis on a relevant theme within the past two years are invited to submit their work to the LRC for consideration. Theses may be submitted prior to their degree award and will be judged by a panel of academic and industry experts.

The winner will receive a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet as a prize.

The scope of the entries for the award need not be confined to a technical linguistic area, and applications are also invited from students who are carrying out research into commercial and management aspects of the localisation industry.

Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Localisation workflows
  • Crowdsourcing in localization
  • Web design and content management
  • Machine translation
  • Computer Aided Translation
  • Terminology management
  • Internationalisation and Global software design

Visit or email the LRC.

Closing date for submission of entries is close of business on 2nd of September 2013.

Proposals may also be sent by email.

Their address: Localisation Research Centre, CSIS Department, University of Limerick, Ireland

By submitting their work, authors acknowledge the right of the LRC to publish their work should it be awarded the LRC Best Thesis Award or receive a special mention.

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