The Irish tag features posts related to the Irish language, history, the Irish people and Irish translation news and services. Irish is spoken by approximately 140,000 native speakers (2012).


Cad é an blag is fearr as Gaeilge?

Four Courts in Dublin city, an blag is fearr as Gaeilge
Four Courts, Dublin / Wikipedia

Na Blaganna is Fearr as Gaeilge

Are there many good blogs out there in Irish?

We are interested in compiling the top ten blogs as Gaeilge. Let us know who you follow and like. Who is supporting the Irish language well using new technologies, social networks etc.

The STAR Team

Irish presidential debate in Irish – Or was it?

Irish presidential debate
Four courts in Dublin / Stock photo

Irish presidential debate as Gaeilge

Was the Irish presidential debate in Irish or not? What did you think of the debate last night? Cad a cheapann tú?

It’s interesting that Michael D. Higgins was the only fluent Irish speaker in last night’s debate. Did you see the debate? What did you think?

Should our president be fluent as Gaeilge [in Irish]?

The STAR Team

Barack Obama or Queen Elizabeth, Best Irish?

Best Irish Speaker for First Timer

Whose Irish was better: Barack Obama or Queen Elizabeth?

Personally we thought the Queen’s pronunciation was quite good. It was great to hear both speak Irish, though. Even if it was only a few words.

Only in Ireland could something like Barack Obama’s car get stuck on a bump happen. How can they do a complete sweep of the country only to miss a little bump at the American Embassy’s gates that may cause a problem. We don’t think that will be forgotten quickly.

The STAR Team

Yu Ming is ainm dom: Great Irish Video

Yu Ming is ainm dom, Irish Language Short Film

On my travels the other day, I was introduced to this video.

Whilst very amusing its balances really well the reality of Irish and the use of our language.

I thought it was great so wanted to share this with our fellow language visitors.

The STAR Team

No further budget cuts for Irish Language Organizations

No Further Budget Cuts Confirmed

Foras na Gaeilge confirmed last week that no further budget cuts to Irish Language organizations will happen this year. This is good news for organizations who now know their budgets for the year.

Éamon Ó hArgáin of Foras na Gaeilge confirmed on Raidió na Gaeltachta that the budgets cuts where now completed.

The budget for Foras Na Gaeilge was cut by 10% last year. They have also confirmed that they have sought cost reductions from a number of their suppliers to reduce costs by 8% in this area.

Foras na Gaeilge also intend to reduce the amount of sponsorship funding they provide, and the amount of money they spend on advertising.

The STAR Team